Psychology and Child Development

College of Liberal Arts

Faculty Receives NSF Award

Congratulations to Professor Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti!!

Dr. Teramoto Pedrotti and her colleagues, John C. Chen (Mechanical Engineering),  David Janzen (Computer Science), James M. Widmann (Mechanical Engineering), and Karen J. McGaughey (Statistics) received funding from the National Science Foundation for their study, "Actively Building the Drive to Achieve through Everyday Engineering Learning."

The study uses a quasi-experimental design with treatment and control groups to determine if active learning, which acts as a proxy for deliberate practice, builds the character trait of grit in students while they learn in the domain of mechanics. A second research question is whether increased grit leads to other success outcomes such as retention in major and progress toward degree. These questions are explored through a direct intervention that includes intensive, peer-based, active-learning experiences, along with activities designed to boost optimism and endorsement of growth mindset. Grit is likely to be important to individuals trying to achieve the challenging, long-term goal of attaining an engineering degree.


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