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Child Development Minor FAQs


Q: What are the requirements to apply for a Minor in Child Development?

A: In order to apply for a minor, you must:

  • complete at least one quarter at Cal Poly
  • have a CPSLO GPA of 3.0 at time of applying for the minor


Q: When can I apply for a minor?

A: If you entered Cal Poly as a first-time freshman, you must apply for the minor no later than the end of Fall Quarter in the third year. If you entered Cal Poly as a transfer students, you must apply for the minor no later than the end of Fall quarter in the second year.


Q: Will becoming a CD minor give me priority in registering for classes? 

A: NO, you will not have priority in registering for our classes. In fact, it is often difficult for students to enroll in all the classes needed to complete the minor.


Q: Do I have to complete all the courses required in the minor before I apply?

A: NO, you can apply at any time; it is not necessary to complete a class first. If you meet all the requirements for applying and you have no questions or substitutions, you just need to complete the application form. We will obtain the advisor signature and process the form.  


Q: Can I substitute courses for the minor requirements? 

A: Under most circumstances, we will NOT allow substitutions. The exceptions are if it is an upper division psychology course taken at Cal Poly or another 4 year institution, including institutions abroad. Substitutions must be approved by the PSYCD Department Chair. NOTE: Psychology courses taken as a community college can NOT substitute for an Upper Division course as Cal Poly. 


Q: Can I use classes from other colleges or universities or Study Abroad classes for the minor? If so, how many classes or units? 

A: A minimum of 12 minor units must be taken in residence at Cal Poly.


Q: Can I substitute STAT 130 for the minor STATS requirement? 



Q: How long does it take to process my minor form? 

A: It typically takes 3-4 weeks to process minor forms. When it is processed, you will see the minor appear on PolyProfile underneath your major. It will also appear in your Degree Progress report. Once the minor is completed and the major degree is posted, the minor will appear on the student transcript. 


Q: What if I do not take all the courses required for the minor, or I decide not to complete the minor? 

A: If the requirements are not met, the minor will not appear on the transcript at all. If you know that you will not complete the minor, complete the "Drop Minor Request Form" here. If this is not done, the posting of your degree could be delayed. 


*Note: Students interested in the Gerontology Minor must meet with Dr. Julie Garcia to complete the minor application form. 

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