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The Psychology and Child Development Department is looking to the future — specifically, how we can continue our legacy of success through increased support of our students and faculty. You can help sustain the excellence our alumni experienced at Cal Poly, and provide even more for our current and future students.


"The Learn by Doing approach has had such an impact on everything including how I raised my children, how I approach every job head on and even how my sister and I developed a hands-on model for our cooking school. Giving back, in whatever form, to the school that gave me so much was the easiest decision I’ve made!"


— Lisa Evaristo, PSYCD Alumna

Your gifts could support students and faculty in various ways:

  • National Conference Opportunities

    Joseph Leshin

    "Research is not productive unless it is shared with the public. This is why receiving travel funds from Cal Poly’s Psychology & Child Development Department to present my research at an international conference in Chicago was so important to me. Not only did attending the conference give me the opportunity to interact and network with other professionals, but it also reinforced my desire to share science with others — a desire that continues to propel me forward through my professional development to this day."
    — Joseph Leshin

    John Zawanda

    "Last year I attended the Western Psychological Association conference in Las Vegas. Thanks to funding provided by alumni donations and the Psychology & Child Development Department I was able to travel stress free as my expenses and conference registration were taken care of. At the conference I presented work I completed with Dr. Caldwell about adolescents and how their perception of prejudice can affect academic performance. It was also a great opportunity to see and appreciate the research of many other college students and professors. Overall the experience taught me a lot about psychology research processes and helped confirm that this is the career path I want to pursue."
    — John Zawada
  • Update Teaching Resources and Technology

    Your donation could help the Psychology and Child Development Department purchase items for which there are no other sources of funding. For example, donations have been used to purchase educational DVDs for classroom use or personality inventories and scoring software used in courses on psychological testing.

  • Community Programs

    You could support Learn by Doing programs that provide hands-on education to our students, and services for the community including the San Luis Obispo Counseling Service at Cal Poly and the Preschool Learning Lab.

  • Research & Senior Projects

    Hailey Drake and Helen Sim's book, 'Who Am I? Who Are You?'

    "For our senior project, we wanted to created a children's book that could be used to educate preschool children about multiculturalism. With the funding that we received from the department, we created and printed copies of our book and were able to donate it to Preschool Laboratory. Without the support, it would have been challenging to actually create a product using our research to educate children."
    — Hailey Drake and Helen Sim
  • Graduate Program

    Your gifts could help support graduate students through thesis support, program-sponsored professional workshops or trainings and specialized course materials for clinical training.

  • Student Scholarships

    You could create a scholarship in your name. Perhaps you are interested in helping students in a particular interest area or you'd like to support students from an under-represented group in the department. If you are interested in establishing a scholarship, we would love to speak with you about your interests.

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If you prefer to provide a check, please print and fill out our giving form. Mail the form and check to:

Cal Poly College of Liberal Arts
Office of Advancement
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To learn more about department needs and how you can help, please contact the CLA Advancement Office at (805) 756-6246.

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