Psychology and Child Development

College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Jovanovic Receives CLA Award for Outstanding Career Achievement in Service

This award recognizes a CLA faculty member for a history of exemplary service to the institution and/or discipline through the course of their career. Dr. Jasna Jovanovic received this award as a result of her continuous service to the department and Cal Poly as whole over the years. 

Dr. Jovanovic's record of ongoing, exemplary service to the department, college, and university since her arrival to Cal Poly in 2006 is the reason for this recognition. Her commitment to the faculty, staff and students in our college has been demonstrated in countless ways over the years. Dr. Jovanovic served as the PSYCD department chair from 2014 to 2020. The protocols, climate and expectations that Dr. Jovanovic established while Chair have made it easier for others to also engage in service and leadership efforts that have support the department and college.

It has always been clear that she is passionate about supporting students. Dr. Jovanovic approached her leadership of the Psychology and Child Development Department with enthusiasm and creativity.  PSYCD is a large and complex department that, at the time of her chair role, included 650 undergraduates, 300 minors, 52 master’s students, 19 full-time faculty, 3 FERPS, 25+ part-time lecturers, and 3 administrative staff members. As department chair, Dr. J - as students fondly refer to her - was instrumental in creating a culture in our department where students always feel supported. Among her accomplishments as chair are: Revamping the Psych and Child development curricula, creating the Student Advisory Committee, and supported the creation of the research track for students interested in pursuing doctoral degrees. 

Dr. Jovanovic is without question an engaged member of the Cal Poly community and her commitment to the students, faculty and staff of Cal Poly lead her to seek out leadership roles and use these positions to create opportunities for all. 


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