Psychology and Child Development

College of Liberal Arts

Commitment to Diversity

PSYCD's commitment to diversity

We believe in a multicultural approach to psychology and child development that emphasizes understanding, accepting, and valuing individual and group differences. We include multicultural knowledge and skills throughout our curriculum so that our students become more effective interpersonally and professionally. We welcome and support students and faculty of all ages, races, cultural backgrounds, religions, physical abilities, socioeconomic status, genders, and sexual orientations.

Our courses attend to issues of diversity. Numerous courses focus on specific multicultural topics:

Undergraduate Courses:

  • African American Psychology (PSY260)
  • Children’s Learning in Families and Communities (CD424)
  • Cross-Cultural Issues in Psychology (PSY465)
  • Intergroup Dialogues (PSY303)
  • Multicultural Psychology (PSY372)
  • Psychology of Gender (PSY324)
  • Social Psychology of Prejudice (PSY475)

Graduate Courses:

  • Multicultural Counseling and Psychology (PSY556)

Relevant Cal Poly Links


BEACoN Mentoring Program

BEACoN is a program funded by the Office of University Diversity & Inclusivity to mentor diverse students across the Cal Poly Campus.

Cross Cultural Centers

The Cross Cultural Centers support and advocate for underrepresented students on campus. The centers include: Multicultural Center, Gender Equity Center, and Pride Center.

Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity

​The Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity (OUD&I) is committed to “Making Excellence Inclusive” (AAC&U) by strategically working to enhance the campus climate through embedding diversity and educational equity in all aspects of the university.


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