Psychology and Child Development

College of Liberal Arts

New Books by Faculty

Psychology faculty have been writing lots of textbooks! Read more about these acomplishments.

Professor Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti 

Published two books on Positive Psychology!


Professor Dan Levi

The 4th Edition of his popular book on Teamwork came out this year!



Professor Kelly Moreno

Published a book of fiction. Mental Health professionals are required by law to keep patient disclosures confidential, yet the law also required them to "warn and protect" anyone their patient is likely to harm. A Duty to Betray plunges Dr. Ricardo Ruiz, a young psychologist just beginning his career, squarely into the middle of these two seemingly irreconcilable legal obligations......





Professor Ned Schultz

Check out this wonderful collection of contemporary American short stories exploring the emotional and psychological lives of men and women by our own Professor Schultz!



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