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Program Course Requirements


The MS in Psychology accepts applicants from all disciplines (e.g., English, Biology, Philosophy). Accepted applicants must complete five (5) program prerequisites (3 semester/4 quarter units each) by July 31 prior to entering the program: Research Methods in Psychology, Introductory Statistics, Personality Theory, Abnormal Psychology, and Developmental Psychology. These courses may be taken at Cal Poly as a matriculated undergraduate, through Cal Poly’s Open University or at another fully accredited institution, including on-line. In order to determine if a course you have taken satisfies one of our prerequisites, but has a different title than Cal Poly's, compare the content with the Expanded Prerequisite Course Outlines. Applicants who fail to complete these courses before their first quarter of enrollment will be dropped from the program.   

Required Courses

In order for the University to verify the student has fulfilled California's requirements for MFT licensure, the student must successfully complete 90-quarter units of required courses.  Please see The Cal Poly catalog for a description of these courses.

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