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For more information about the Psychology & Child Development Department's Student Advisory Committee, please email the department or call 805-756-2033.

Student Advisory Committee 2021-22

The PSYCD Student Advisory Committee provides consultation to the faculty on relevant undergraduate and graduate student issues. They are ready to bring your comments and concerns to the department so stop them in the halls or email any member directly. 

PSYCD 2021-22 Student Advisory Committee Members


Madison ANderson-au, psychology major, social media intern

Madison Anderson-Au

Pronouns: she/her/hers

From: Cupertino, CA

Currently located: SLO 

Program/Academic Status: 4th year Psychology major, Child Development Minor, Dance Minor

Cal Poly Connections: Psychology Club Marketing Director, Hui ‘O Hawai’i Hula Dance Club, UM Dance Team, Merge Dance, CSA Harmonics, CP Dance Program, Chinese Students’ Association, CLA Peer Advisor

Favorite 2020 Activity: Arts and crafts!





Alice Antony

Pronouns: she/her/hers

From: Petaluma, CA

Currently located: San Luis Obispo, CA

Program: B.S. Psychology

Academic Status/Background: 3rd year psych major and CD minor

Career Interest: I'm interested in neuroscience and research 

Favorite 2020 Activity: Hiking and watching cooking videos!





Amelia burge, cd major

Amelia Burge

Pronouns: She/her/hers

From: Portland, OR

Currently located: San Luis Obispo, California

Academic Status/Background: First year Child Development Major

Cal Poly Connections: Poly Child Development Club, Line Dance Club, Greek Life

Career Interest: Family Law or Child Psychiatrist

Favorite 2020 Activity: Working at a juice bar and getting free juice!






Emily Chou

Pronouns: she/her/hers

From: San Jose, CA

Currently located: San Luis Obispo, CA

Program: Master’s Program in Psychology

Academic Status/Background: UCLA Psychology with a minor in Applied Developmental Psychology

Career Interest: I currently work at a children’s center as an infant/toddler teacher and Martha’s Place assessment and treatment center for children birth to five as a marriage and family therapy trainee!

Favorite 2020 Activity: Family game nights & sister game nights (with my two sisters… and a brother-in-law), taking care of some of my former students, reading





lexY nevis, PSY Major

Lexy Nevis

Pronouns: she/her/hers

From: Danville, CA

Currently located: San Luis Obispo, CA

Academic Status/Background: 2nd year Psychology Major

Career Interest: Psychiatrist

Favorite 2020 Activity: Working out and traveling







Tim Parker

Pronouns: he/him/his

From: Lancaster, CA

Currently located: Los Osos, CA

Program: Master’s Program in Psychology

Academic Status/Background: BA in History with a Philosophy Minor from Cal Poly

Career Interest: I am interested in becoming an LMFT focusing on work with couples and individuals

Favorite 2020 Activity: I like to hike and enjoy cooking with my partner and our two daughters





Hector reyes, psy major

Hector Reyes

Pronouns: he/him/his

From: Calexico, CA

Currently located: San Luis Obispo

Academic Status/ Background: 3rd year Psychology Major

Cal Poly Connections: 2020 BEACoN Research Mentee, Research with Dr. Bennion, LSAMP student, Cal Poly Scholars Assessment Team

Career Interest: PhD in Clinical Psychology

Favorite 2020 Activity: Playing and watching soccer and reading





aaron selcov, psy major

Aaron Selcov

Pronouns: he/him/his 

From: Los Angeles, CA

Currently located: San Luis Obispo

Academic Status /Background: 3rd Year Psychology Major/ Ethnic Studies Minor

Cal Poly Connections: Psychology Research Assistant with Dr. Cacciamani

Favorite 2020 activity: In 2020 I explored many new hiking trails and expanded my interest in photography by always bringing my camera along for the adventure!







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