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We have a new process for accepting minor applications. Read the Minor FAQ's first. Select the minor form link below that matches your catalog year. Catalog year is found on both Degree Progress and Poly Profile. 

Temporary Suspension of PSY Minor Applications 

  • Due to the highly impacted nature of psychology courses, no new PSY minor applications will be accepted in 2023-24 (TBD when we will reinstate the minor - please check the PSYCD website in Fall 2024 for further updates). Any student who will have completed PSY minor requirements by the end of Fall 2021 can still submit a minor application form and be awarded the minor. 
  • Students who declared a PSY minor prior to the suspension can proceed with the minor.
  • Psychology classes remain open to all students with the necessary prerequisites - feel free to take the courses that interest you even though you are not taking them "for" a minor. 
  • We understand that the hold on the psychology minor program may be disappointing and we urge students with concerns to talk with their faculty advisors. Office Hours 
    • Please note that having a minor on your transcript is very unlikely to influence your career trajectory; rather, we can support you in highlighting the knowledge and skills you've gained in PSY courses and relevant experiences in a way that's far stronger than simply having a minor listed on your official documents.
    • For students who would like to add a minor to their academic record, we urge you to explore the wealth of other minor offerings at Cal Poly. See a complete list here.
  • Note that the CD and Gerontology minors are continuing to accept applications.
  • If you have already declared a minor in any field of study, but no longer plan to complete it, please fill out the "Drop Minor Request" form.  

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