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Tuesday Newsday: Sept. 15, 2020




SEPT 15, 2020

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Looking to add a CD or PSY Course? Seats still available in...

...CD/PSY 254* (Family Psychology), PSY 440 (Memory), PSY 480 (Cognitive Neuroscience), and CD 450 (Developmental Perspectives on Child and Adolescent Development). *Email Robyn Hastin ( if you do not have the prerequisite for CD/PSY 254 but would still like to enroll.

How do I crash a PSY or CD course?

  • Course enrollment caps will stay the same! As always, it is up to the instructor to decide if they will enroll more students. 
  • Waitlists will still work like they always do. Up until Day 4 of the quarter (i.e., September 17) when a student drops, a new student is automatically enrolled off of the waitlist.
  • Crashing. If you want to crash a course on the first day, please email the instructor directly. Priority will be given to students in the following order: 1) PSY & CD majors who do not have 12 units, 2) graduating PSY & CD seniors, 3) graduating PSY & CD minors, 4) students on change of major contracts into PSY or CD, 5) all other PSY & CD minors. If you don't hear back it means the instructor is not accepting more students.
  • Important: We ask that if you currently have the courses you need that you do not try to swap out courses. We want to make sure that students who need courses are prioritized. 

Hoping to secure a field internship for Winter 2020?

There is a mandatory presentation that you must watch and survey to complete by October 9 (link forthcoming) to secure an internship placement for Winter 2020. You MUST do this IF you will be in your first quarter of field internship in Winter 2020 OR if you will be switching to a new internship site from Fall 2020. You do NOT need to attend the internship placement meeting if you are staying at the same internship site from Fall 2020, OR if you are doing a research internship* with a faculty member.

Please read more about internships, including prerequisites and field work sites, here. However, please note that some fieldwork sites on our list may be unavailable due to public health restrictions.

 *To explore the possibility of a research internship, please review faculty research interests on our faculty page. Not all faculty are accepting research interns at this time. To find out whether you might join a faculty research lab, attend the office hours for professors whose research activities match your interests.

Seeking PSY and CD Students to serve on the PSYCD Department Student Advisory Committee 

The PSYCD department is seeking 2 CD students, 4 PSY students and 1 MS student to serve on the Department Student Advisory Committee this academic year.  This committee provides consultation to the department chair regarding issues important to our students. It’s a great opportunity to get involved with the department.    To be considered you must commit to meeting the 2nd Thursday of every month from 11:10am-12:00 pm. (beginning October 8th) in Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.  

Nominations should include a 1 paragraph statement of interest (why are you interested? why you?).    Email your nomination to Dr. Jipson, Department Chair (  by October 1st!

WANTED: Students to help with department social media

The PSYCD Department is looking for 2 PSY or CD students who will be available all year and have experience administering professional Facebook and instagram pages. If you are interested please email Dr. Jipson ( by Monday, September 28th. Be sure to include a brief description of  your experience.

Wondering how to join department clubs?

Physical distance doesn't have to mean social distance. Get involved in the Poly Child Development Club, the Psychology Club and/or join Psi Chi, the Mational Honors Society for Psychology.

Can I take my CD/PSY classes Credit/No Credit?

The PSY & CD will continue to remove the limit on CR/NC units for undergraduate courses in both majors for Fall 2020. Graduate courses will be graded. Here's what this means:

  • PSY & CD students can take any or all of their PSY & CD courses this quarter CR/NC. Undergraduate students need to earn a C- or better to earn CR.
  • This applies to PSY & CD minor courses too.
  • If you are doing a minor in a different department or college, you will need to check with them about their rules for this Fall.
  • If you are on a change of major contract check with the department you are trying to change into about whether you can take a course C/NC. Students on contract to change into PSY or CD must meet our requirements by taking a total of 3 GRADED courses. In other words, it is in your best interest to take your PSY & CD courses for a grade this quarter.

Other Important Notes about C/NC:

  • Students have until the last day of classes (Tuesday November 24th) to change their grading basis to CR/NC from letter grade or vice versa.
  • None of the CR/NC units students take during Fall 2020 will count toward the 16 unit limit.
  • There will be no limit in the number of units you can take CR/NC during Fall 2020.

For more information see Cal Poly's Credit/No Credit Policy

How do I get help with the technology I need for my Online classes?

It will be essential to have regular internet access this quarter. It will also be helpful to have access to a computer, but in most cases you should be able to access content on a smart device (e.g., iPad, tablet, phone). If you need any help with technology send an email to

Cal Poly Information Technology Services is offering access to certain software previously only available in on-campus computer labs. Learn more about Virtual Computer Lab.

Want to know more about Senior Project?

We have updated information about Senior Projects on the department website including an Online Learning Update.

NOTE: If you you are a CD senior but have not yet satisfied the GWR we will waive the prereq for CD 461. Please email Robyn Hastin ( if you are a senior, have not taken the GWR and would like to enroll in CD461.

Planning your schedule for the year?

We have updated the Tentative Course Offerings link to reflect the courses we are offering this academic year. REMEMBER, however, things can change so check back often. 

Need someone to talk to?

The SLO Counseling Service at Cal Poly offers short-term counseling and consultation.  For 2020 Fall quarter, sessions will be conducted by phone or computer.  Please call 805.756.1532 for an appointment.

Research, Educational and Employment Opportunities

The University of Michigan is accepting students for the STAR program focused on PSY research

The University of Michigan Psychology Department is hosting their STAR (Students Tackling Advanced Research) Scholars program which is an educational opportunity outreach program designed to support and guide underrepresented students to become involved in research and understand its application in the real world. These students engage with research in a meaningful way, connect with current Psychology PhD students, and prepare for careers in and out of academia. The program consists of two parts: (1) a Fall Seminar Series and (2) Winter Workshops and Mentoring Program. For more information visit their website.

And as always....


To make an appointment with Dr. Jipson, please use the appropriate link below:

General Advising  Mondays 1-3 p.m., Thursdays 8:30-10:30 a.m.

ICMA Advising  Wednesdays 9-11 a.m., Thursdays 1-3 p.m.




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