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Psych Science Scholarship Awardee Q&A

Q&A with Psych Science Scholarship Awardee – Kaylene Co

What do you plan to do after graduation?

I graduated a quarter early and will be starting an internship in the Bay Area. I will be applying to grad schools in the upcoming year.

Why are you interested in research, and what are you specifically interested in?
I've always been a curious and observant person. Research challenges me to ask why things are occurring in society. As a psychology major and double minor in women's and gender studies and ethnic studies, I have a strong interest in social justice. I am drawn to research that focuses on social norms, group dynamics, and systems of inequality. I think research is powerful because it holds real life implications that can ultimately help to mend gaps that exist in society today.

What is your background, and why did you choose Psychology?
I am a first-generation college student born and raised in the Bay Area. I didn't know a lot about psychology coming into college, but I chose the major because I knew I wanted to go into the helping profession. I couldn't be happier with my decision. I have learned so much about developmental domains, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, psychological theories and much more. These four years as a psychology student have completely changed the way I analyze, experience and view the world.

What inspires you in the field?
I am inspired by those I have met in the field. I am so fortunate to have been a part of an amazing department with compassionate faculty and talented peers. I have met the most kind, self-aware, empathetic and passionate individuals who have shown me that the work we are doing is making a difference.

What would you say to a new psychology student about your experiences in our department?
I would tell a new psychology student to be open, to try new things and to enjoy the journey! Moreover, I highly encourage getting to know the faculty and staff early on. Everyone is very welcoming, supportive and helpful. Don't be afraid to drop by any professor’s office hours, even if it is just to say hi!


About the Psychology Science Scholarship

The Cal Poly Psychological Science Scholarship provides funding to a psychology major interested in pursuing a research career rather than a clinical or counseling career. If you are interested in supporting this scholarship, wish to create additional scholarship opportunities for students in the department’s programs, or want to discuss other ways in which to match your interests with needs in the department, please contact Dave Cohune or Jacquelyn Hayes in the College of Liberal Arts Advancement Office, 805-756-6246.

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