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Internships are one of the hallmarks of our Psychology and Child Development programs. They are a way to check out career options, build a resume, and prepare for graduate school. Students apply to volunteer for local social service and governmental agencies, schools, and business organizations. Alternatively, some students do one or both internships as a research internship with a psychology or child development professor.

We require two quarters of internship in which the student earns credit toward their major. Each quarter of internship, the student works 120 hours, maintains weekly contact with a faculty advisor, and provides written documentation of the experience. Internships are done in a student's senior year (sometimes junior year) after they have taken PSY 323: Helping Relationships. For Child Development students CD230 is an additional prerequisite. Students must attend a mandatory internship placement meeting the quarter prior to enrolling in internship. Quarterly meeting dates are announced at the start of each quarter. Please read the department's weekly announcements.

To enroll in a research internship you must have completed Research Methods (PSY329 or CD329) and, possibly, Quantitative Research Methods (PSY333) depending on your research internship supervisor.

To prepare for internship:

1) Finish pre-requisites

2) Attend the mandatory internship meeting one quarter before the quarter you intend to enroll in your first internship (usually in week 4)

3) Request contact information for your top site from the associated faculty coordinator (*do not contact our sites without our permission*)

4) Interview and secure an internship

Please review all of the documents linked below. If you have additional questions, contact our internship coordinator, Dr. Julie Garcia.


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