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Tuesday Newsday: February 13th

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For this week's PSY&CD spotlight feature, we are highlighting 1st year Psychology student Graciela Vance. Read more about her below!

Graciela Vance, 1st year Psychology Student

What is your favorite local place?

My favorite place on the Central Coast is Montaña de Oro. It is stunningly beautiful and has so much to do like hiking, mountain biking, surfing, dune jumping, star gazing, hammocking in the trees, and exploring tidepools. MDO is my happy place and I love bringing other people along to enjoy it with me.

What is your favorite hobby?

A recent favorite hobby of mine has been acro yoga. You might have seen the acro club on Dexter lawn on Tuesdays/Thursdays, or if you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically doing crazy inversions on another person (or several!). In acro the person on the ground is called the base, and the person in the air is the flyer. Since I love being upside down, I usually fly and it’s so much fun.

Which talent would you most like to have?

 I play the piano a little bit for fun, but I’m not very good. If I could be effortlessly talented at something, I’d like to be able to play anything on the piano!

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Congratulations Dr. James Elliott!

James Elliott, a lecturer in the Psychology and Child Development Department at Cal Poly, and Jonathan Schooler, Professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at UCSB, have recently received the first installment of a $500k grant/gift to examine the physiological, psychological, and spiritual influences of a spiritual practice that includes meditation and religious rituals using fire. The project includes novel measures Dr. Elliott has been developing to use computer vision algorithms to assess movement during contemplative practices.  Furthermore, the project will be exploring the influence of this practice on participants spiritual mindset (the propensity to interpret and respond to daily life experiences from a spiritual perspective). Drs. Elliott and Schooler are particularly enthusiastic about the project since the secularization of contemplative practices, while helpful for so many people, has frequently taken these practices out of their cultural and religious contexts, contributing to the colonization of these contemplative methods.  So, in a small way, studying these practices within a more traditional context with the religious rituals may help contribute to the decolonization of these methods.  

Student Project Opportunity – Study of Disability Support Apps

This collaboration with a computer science student, investigating reading apps that are marketed as addressing disabilities, could be done as part of research internship (CD/PSY 448 or 449) or as volunteer and has the potential to align with a senior project. If you are interested, please reach out to the other student listed in the project description (, and then follow up with Dr. Langner regarding potential course registration options for Spring.



If you are now a senior based on completed coursework, make sure that your intended graduation date is updated with the Cal Poly “changing your graduation term” form on the registrar website.

Cognitive Neuroscience Club

Join Cal Poly's Cognitive Neuroscience club at their first meeting on February 15th! Link to join the GroupMe:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the club’s presidents: Claire Carlson ( and Kamryn Coyne (


There are additional options beyond the 'research track' (applications due at beginning of Junior year). When faculty members are looking for research interns, we will post that info in the Tuesday Newsday. Another way to seek out research experience is to talk to your professors in office hours about your interest in research and whether they know of any projects or will keep you in mind for future projects. A few of our students have secured research internships with faculty in other departments at Cal Poly and in some cases it is possible to substitute internship units for the PSYCD internship requirements.



That time of the quarter has come where we start planning for field internships for Spring 2024. You are eligible for internship if you are graduating in Spring 2024, Summer 2024, or Fall 2024 AND you have taken PSY 323 Helping Relationships. CD Majors also need to have taken CD 230 Preschool Laboratory. If you meet these criteria, you should have already been added to the Fieldwork Internship canvas. Email Dr. Jessica Kaczorowski (jkaczoro@calpoly) if you have not yet been added and are eligible to complete an internship in spring 2024. 


Tentative Course Offerings (TCO) for 2023-24

Please always check our TCO because it is where we first publish our updates:

FYI: ***The listings for Summer 2024 are not complete*** We will be adding more courses as we learn which we are likely to offer.


Cal Poly College of Liberal Arts Teach-In [We will post new date when it is rescheduled]

There is a full day of events planned for May 9th. Check out the schedule here:

A few of our department members are giving talks:

9:10-10am. Transformative Allyship for transgender and Gender Nonconforming Communities: A Panel Discussion. Cristian Reyes (CD Major). Bldg. 14, Room 252.

9:10-10am. Bridging Cultural Divides in Teambuilding. Dr. Lucy Bencharit (PSY professor). Bldg. 22, room 313.

10:10-11am. Undocumented with Dreams. Dr. Susana López (PSY professor) and PSY majors Lily Pasetta, Elias Sandoval, Jenny Velasquez, David Gaspar-Martinez, Michelle Moshirnia. Bldg. 3, room 104.

11:10-12pm. United Voices: The Power of Allyship in Building Inclusive Communities. Cristian Reyes (CD Major) Bldg. 53, room 213.

1:10-2pm. Radical Healing and Joy at the Intersections: Supporting Queer and Trans Latine/x Communities.  Jay Bettergarcia (PSY professor). Bldg. 42, room 205E.

*Please be aware that the planned presentation by Raquel Willis will still occur at 4:30 p.m. in the ATL on February 15th, with the remainder of the Teach-In programming to occur on May 9th *


Cal Poly Blood Drives

PULSE Holistic Wellbeing Workshop Series

National Student Exchange Study Away Program

National Student Exchange offers study away to colleges and universities throughout the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. You can spend a quarter, semester, or academic year on exchange. If you are interested in new challenges or change of pace, NSE may be for you. We are now accepting applications for Summer 2024, Fall 2024, and Spring 2025. The deadline for Priority Placement is February 14, 2024.

Check out their website here:

Campus Health Resources 

-Health services  [ and]

-Mental health services [ and]

-Food pantry (

Kennedy Library Resources


On Campus Study Locations

Click here for a list of study locations on campus. This list includes real-time occupancy information for some of the temporary spaces.

Study Psychology Abroad!

Try this link if the one above does not work:

Cal Poly Global Programs 2024





Winston-Salem TEACH

Winston-Salem TEACH is hosting a virtual information session via Zoom on Wednesday, February 21st from 6:00-7:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time), which you can register for here.

San Luis Coastal Summer Experience Program 

Credential required teacher positions (for those expected to complete the program in June - $41/hour) and non credential required activity leader positions ($30/hour) for those who will not yet have a credential. Interested candidates should complete this JOB INTEREST SURVEY in order to be contacted by SLCUSD staff for a short online interview.  Hiring is underway so the sooner the survey is completed the better. 

Applied Sport and Performance Psychology Master of Arts Dominican University of California 

Dominican University's Master's program is a natural next step for many Psychology or Kinesiology students that may be interested in this field. Our Certificate program is also popular with existing psychologists and therapists who wish to become certified in this field and add a Sport and Performance Psychology component to their practice.

For additional information about our programs, our next online Information Session is next Tuesday, February 20th, feel free to join us or pass this information along: register here.

Hiring at Coastal Children's Center 

Coastal Children's Center is a new preschool in Arroyo Grande working with kids ages 2-5 years. They are currently looking to hire part time teachers for the morning and afternoon shifts. If you are interested please visit, or email

Marcus Autism Center: Social Developmental Neuroscience Fellowship Opportunities for Seniors and Recent Graduates

The Marcus Autism Center, in conjunction with the Emory University School of Medicine and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, is offering five fellowships: the Cohen Fellowship in Developmental Social Neuroscience, the Simons Fellowship in Computational Neuroscience, the Louise and Brett Samsky Fellowship in Educational Science and Practice, the Sally Provence Fellowship in Clinical Research, and the ACCESS Fellowship in Implementation Science.

Students who will receive a bachelor's degree by June 2024 will be eligible for the positions. The fellowships will commence in July 2024, and they are 2 years in duration. Students can find further details here.

Childcare Jobs

Looking for paid experiences working with children? Be sure to join the Poly Child Development Club Jobs Facebook group

The PSY&CD deparment does not advertise family care opportunities in the Tuesday Newsday; see the "Poly Child Development Club Jobs Page" at You will have to request to be added to the group and then, once approved, you will be able to post.



How can I learn more about senior project?

We have updated information about Senior Projects on the department website.

  • PSY/CD 461 is a seminar-style class where you attend class and work with a team to identify an area of interest and conduct a literature review on that topic. Registration for this is through the usual process.
  • PSY/CD 462 is a supervision-mode class where your team gets matched with a faculty advisor who guides you in developing and conducting a project related to your literature review from PSY/CD 461. The final deliverable includes a written paper that usually consists of sections typical to APA articles (Abstract, Literature Review, Method, Results, Discussion, References).Registration for this is by permission number given out during PSY/CD 461.

Planning your schedule for the year?

We have updated the Tentative Course Offerings link to reflect the courses we are offering this academic year. REMEMBER, however, things can change so check back often.



Schedule an Appointment - Current Students | School of Education

What Kind of Advising is Available?

I have a question related to GE requirements...

The advisors in The College of Liberal Arts Advising Center can answer your questions about General Education (GE) requirements, registration, academic planning, support services, major changes, and academic policies and procedures.Additional useful academic resources can be found on Cal Poly's Enrolled Students web page, including links to the Cal Poly catalog, registration information, academic records and evaluations, finals schedules, etc. Website:

In-Person & Zoom Appointments: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Closed for lunch from 12:00 – 1:00 pm)

Zoom Drop-in Advising: Monday – Friday, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm & 2:00 pm – 4:00pm

I have a question related to major and/or minor requirements in Psychology, Child Development, or Gerontology...

The Psychology and Child Development Department has several faculty members who serve as academic advisors for our majors and minors. Students are invited to attend office hours or make appointments with any of these advisors. For advisor contact information and office hours, click here.

For 2022-23, the Academic Advisors are:

Advisor Advising Area

Dr. Carrie Langner

Department Chair


Psychology Major 

Child Development Major

Child Development Minor

Gerontology Minor


Dr. Jessica Kaczorowski

(Associate Chair)

Child Development Major 


I have a question about graduate school and/or careers...

All active faculty in the Psychology and Child Development Department hold weekly office hours to support students in talking about educational and career plans. For advisor contact information and office hours, click here.

PSY/CD Advising Structure

The main roles of each of our advisors is outlined below, however our motto is: When in Doubt, Seek Someone Out!  You are welcome to contact any faculty member for support and they will direct you to the most appropriate person depending on your needs.  Click here PSY/CD Advising to read about the new PSY/CD process for helping you!

How Can I Sign Up for an Appointment?

Office hours are posted on the PSY/CD Website (or use QR code below). Unless indicated, office hours are opportunities to drop-in with advising questions, career/graduate school questions, or just to introduce yourself and chat.


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