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For this week's PSY&CD spotlight feature, we are highlighting Psychology professor, Dr. Kristen Makena. Read more about her below!

Dr. Kristen Makena, Psychology Professor 

What are your favorite names?

My favorite names are ones that people have chosen for themselves. After my great aunts final divorce she decided to choose her own last name. She was a teacher and loved summers so she chose to be Caroline Summers. When I went through a divorce years ago, her idea had stuck with me so I also chose the name Makena. It has letters of my nieces names Hayden and Maddox, it is a beach in Hawaii that I love and it means “many gathered” in the Hawaiian culture. I think life is about our connections with others so it became my next identity. To carry on the tradition my best friends daughter (my “niece” by choice) and fiancé who loved the idea will be changing their last name when they get married in October. They chose Hawthorne since they loved the idea of the roots of a Hawthorne plant/tree as the foundation for their marriage. It is the meaning behind these choices that make the names special.

When and where were you happiest?

The answer to this question for me is very different now than it would have been years ago.  I used to look forward to joyous occasions and live between those times.  However, I am finding increasing joy in just being content where I am in the moment. Having been in the Central Coast now for almost 3 years there is natural beauty everywhere I turn. I find joy in the birds, the ocean and the changing seasons.  In contrast, knowing the my mother is reaching her end of life, I am also finding more purpose and intent with the decisions I make and things that I choose to do.  Without the ups and downs of life so that we would not find nuggets of insight to move us along our life path. 

What is your current de-stressing activity?

My current de-stressing activity is a creative sketchbook.  I am not particularly creative, but when I find I am grappling with something I put the topic to paper either through journaling, drawing, or watercolor painting.  I find that this allows me to work through the situation and generally let things go or find a solution to the situation. 

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Cal Poly Preschool Bake Sale

The Science of Mindfulness Webinar 

Learn more about the science of mindfulness. Dr. Jonathan Schooler and Dr. James Elliott will discuss mindfulness techniques, benefits, and implications for psychophysiology research. They will also discuss their research, the data they collected, and potential uses.

Schooler and Elliott conduct research at the Memory Emotion Thought Awareness Lab (META) on the impact of meditation and mindfulness techniques on attenuating mind-wandering. They explore techniques for enhancing mindfulness that improve behavior and sharpen focus of participants.

Click here to watch it on-demand!




All the permission numbers for internship and senior project (453, 454, 462) will not be distributed until the end of the quarter. For internship, if you have participated in the Canvas page and signed a site agreement you will definitely get a permission number. If you are currently completing 461, you will definitely receive a permission number for 462. We distribute all of these supervision students across our faculty and therefore have to coordinate the distribution of the permission numbers. Thank you for your patience!


PSY 252 Social Psychology

PSY 329 Research Methods in Psychology

PSY 480 Cognitive Neuroscience

PSY 405 Abnormal Psychology 

CD 256 Developmental Psychology

CD 431 Assessing Children's Development and Environments

CD Students Interested in Teaching

EDUC403 Developing Teachers of Color
Spring 2024: 4 units, Tues/Thurs 2:10-4pm
This course will focus on developing and supporting aspiring educators of Color (focus on K-12 education).As a learning community, we will discuss, explore, and experience structural factors that often lead to the underrepresentation of teachers of Color, culturally democratic pedagogies, and resources that support the thriving of teachers of Color.
Contact Dr. Efrain Brito, for more info and permission code to register!

Queer Theory Course

Seats available next quarter in WGQS 455: Queer Theory course (class number 6590), taught by Dr. Steven Ruszczycky on T/R 12:10-2:00 PM. If you are interested and have not met all of the prerequisites, please email Dr. Adan (eadan@calpoly) to get help with enrollment.

TH470 Ancestral Theatre with Visiting Professor Andrew Saito

Course for students interested in HR and management: BUS 388

Organizations draw on many resources to meet goals and gain a competitive advantage. While we often think of these resources as tangible assets such as cash (i.e., financial capital) and equipment (i.e., physical capital), equally important are the intangible assets found in an organization’s people (i.e., human capital). This course is about how organizations develop their human resources, particularly through strategic employee training and development—one of the core pillars of talent management in organizations. We will cover how to design, deliver, and evaluate effective training and development programs that align employee knowledge and skills with changing organizational needs. This course is designed to help you:


  • Recognize the role of training and developing in an organization’s strategic planning. 
  • Evaluate employee performance gaps and training needs.
  • Apply knowledge of learning principles and instructional methods in the design of a training program and learning environment.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training and development initiatives.


Priority for PSY 344 goes to seniors graduating in June (we have an internal waitlist). If you have emailed Beatriz, she will send you a permission number if there is space for you in the class. If there is not space we are keeping you on an internal waitlist, but you will not receive an email until there is a seat. UPDATE: All seats are now given out/promised to students. *IF* a seat becomes available, Beatriz will email the next person on our list. 


CD students who would like to take CD 302 in Spring: starting Monday 2/26 you can contact Beatriz Peralta at to request a permission number. If there is not space we are keeping you on an internal waitlist, but you will not receive an email until there is a seat.UPDATE: All seats are now given out/promised to students. *IF* a seat becomes available, Beatriz will email the next person on our list.


UPDATE: We will not be able to offer a section of CD356 until Summer. If you are a CD major graduating in June who cannot take this course in Summer, please contact Dr. Langner to discuss a course substitution (



If you are now a senior based on completed coursework, make sure that your intended graduation date is updated with the Cal Poly “changing your graduation term” form on the registrar website.



 Please fill out the appropriate survey on canvas so we know your plans for spring (i.e., continuing at the same site for 454, starting a new site for either 453 or 454). You do not need to have secured a site yet, this is just telling us your plans. Email Dr. K Jessica Kaczorowski with questions -

If you are a senior and do not have access to the internship canvas site, please contact Beatriz Peralta (


We are wrapping up the planning for field internships for Spring 2024. PERMISSION NUMBERS will not go out until the very end of the quarter. Email Dr. Jessica Kaczorowski (jkaczoro@calpoly) with any questions about internship. 


There are additional options beyond the 'research track' (applications due at beginning of Junior year). When faculty members are looking for research interns, we will post that info in the Tuesday Newsday. Another way to seek out research experience is to talk to your professors in office hours about your interest in research and whether they know of any projects or will keep you in mind for future projects. A few of our students have secured research internships with faculty in other departments at Cal Poly and in some cases it is possible to substitute internship units for the PSYCD internship requirements.


Tentative Course Offerings (TCO) for 2023-24


Please always check our TCO because it is where we first publish our updates:

FYI: ***The listings for Summer 2024 are UPDATED*** and Fall will be updated soon.


COMS Career Networking Senior Project Event

Cal Poly Masters of City and Regional Planning

The City and Regional Planning Department is looking for students wanting to participate in all aspects of the design & management of where we live. Join us for a Masters in City & Regional Planning. Applications for Fall 2024 are due May 1! You can read more about us here:

Cal Poly College of Liberal Arts Teach-In on May 9

There is a full day of events planned for May 9th. Check out the schedule here:

A few of our department members are giving talks:

9:10-10am. Transformative Allyship for transgender and Gender Nonconforming Communities: A Panel Discussion. Cristian Reyes (CD Major). Bldg. 14, Room 252.

9:10-10am. Bridging Cultural Divides in Teambuilding. Dr. Lucy Bencharit (PSY professor). Bldg. 22, room 313.

10:10-11am. Undocumented with Dreams. Dr. Susana López (PSY professor) and PSY majors Lily Pasetta, Elias Sandoval, Jenny Velasquez, David Gaspar-Martinez, Michelle Moshirnia. Bldg. 3, room 104.

11:10-12pm. United Voices: The Power of Allyship in Building Inclusive Communities. Cristian Reyes (CD Major) Bldg. 53, room 213.

1:10-2pm. Radical Healing and Joy at the Intersections: Supporting Queer and Trans Latine/x Communities.  Jay Bettergarcia (PSY professor). Bldg. 42, room 205E.


PULSE Holistic Wellbeing Workshop Series

Campus Health Resources 

-Health services  [ and]

-Mental health services [ and]

-Food pantry (

Kennedy Library Resources


On Campus Study Locations

Click here for a list of study locations on campus. This list includes real-time occupancy information for some of the temporary spaces.

Study Health Psychology and Cultural Psychology in Italy!


Two courses (PSY 320 & PSY 465) during the first 5 week Summer session. Two weeks on site in Naples, Italy. Apply now! ***Deadline extended to March 20***




CAL Fresh: You may be eligible!

We are an on-campus organization known as CalFresh Outreach. We aim to raise awareness of student eligibility for CalFresh benefits, which can provide students with up to $291/month for groceries if they qualify. 

Because of expanded eligibility through “Local Programs that Increase Employability (LPIEs),” an estimated ~15,000 students at Cal Poly are now eligible, even based only on their major. Approved programs include:

  • most undergraduate majors in CLA
  • every undergraduate major in CENG
  • every undergraduate major in CAFES
  • every undergraduate major in COSAM
  • every undergraduate major in CAED
  • most undergraduate majors in OCOB
  • many grad programs

Enrollment in one of these majors alone could make a student likely eligible for CalFresh benefits (they must also meet basic eligibility criteria). This short survey is a great resource to explore eligibility & share with students:

SLO Solutions

SLO Solutions provides students with FREE services like mediation, conflict coaching, and workshops. These services help facilitate peaceful & productive conversations that can lead to an agreement/resolution and open lines of communication. This is a great resource for conflicts with roommates, landlord & tenant, neighbors. Mediation and conflict coaching can be held in person or over zoom. The mediators are skilled, impartial, and helpful. The process is convenient, relaxed, quick, and effective. Examples of conflict we have addressed in the past: -Communication -Expectations -Splitting bills -Security deposits -Trash -Parties -Parking -Noise complaints -Property upkeep. SLO solutions is a valuable resource right in your backyard here in SLO. If you have an issue, stay connected with SLO Solutions. You can contact a Conflict Resolution Specialist and learn more about our services by phone at 805-549-0442 or by email at

Jack’s Helping Hand-Camp Volunteer Opportunity

Call for Abstracts: 2024 Student Research Conference at San Jose State University

Roughing It Day Camp Summer Jobs and Paid Internships

Find out more here! Roughing It's Summer Positions

APA Summer Undergraduate Psychology Experience in Research (SUPER) Fellowships

Undergraduate students who are enrolled in the Fall 2024 term and committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion are encouraged to apply for the APA SUPER Fellowship, which provides a $4,000 stipend to the student to conduct summer laboratory research and $1,000 to their faculty host. Applications are due March 1, 2024; don’t wait!    SUPER is just one of the awards and funding opportunities offered by APA’s Science Directorate. View all of them, including those for students and career researchers, at

San Luis Coastal Summer Experience Program 

Credential required teacher positions (for those expected to complete the program in June - $41/hour) and non credential required activity leader positions ($30/hour) for those who will not yet have a credential. Interested candidates should complete this JOB INTEREST SURVEY in order to be contacted by SLCUSD staff for a short online interview.  Hiring is underway so the sooner the survey is completed the better. 

Hiring at Coastal Children's Center 

Coastal Children's Center is a new preschool in Arroyo Grande working with kids ages 2-5 years. They are currently looking to hire part time teachers for the morning and afternoon shifts. If you are interested please visit, or email

Marcus Autism Center: Social Developmental Neuroscience Fellowship Opportunities for Seniors and Recent Graduates

The Marcus Autism Center, in conjunction with the Emory University School of Medicine and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, is offering five fellowships: the Cohen Fellowship in Developmental Social Neuroscience, the Simons Fellowship in Computational Neuroscience, the Louise and Brett Samsky Fellowship in Educational Science and Practice, the Sally Provence Fellowship in Clinical Research, and the ACCESS Fellowship in Implementation Science.

Students who will receive a bachelor's degree by June 2024 will be eligible for the positions. The fellowships will commence in July 2024, and they are 2 years in duration. Students can find further details here.

Childcare Jobs

Looking for paid experiences working with children? Be sure to join the Poly Child Development Club Jobs Facebook group

The PSY&CD deparment does not advertise family care opportunities in the Tuesday Newsday; see the "Poly Child Development Club Jobs Page" at You will have to request to be added to the group and then, once approved, you will be able to post.



How can I learn more about senior project?

We have updated information about Senior Projects on the department website.

  • PSY/CD 461 is a seminar-style class where you attend class and work with a team to identify an area of interest and conduct a literature review on that topic. Registration for this is through the usual process.
  • PSY/CD 462 is a supervision-mode class where your team gets matched with a faculty advisor who guides you in developing and conducting a project related to your literature review from PSY/CD 461. The final deliverable includes a written paper that usually consists of sections typical to APA articles (Abstract, Literature Review, Method, Results, Discussion, References).Registration for this is by permission number given out during PSY/CD 461.

Planning your schedule for the year?

We have updated the Tentative Course Offerings link to reflect the courses we are offering this academic year. REMEMBER, however, things can change so check back often.



Schedule an Appointment - Current Students | School of Education

What Kind of Advising is Available?

I have a question related to GE requirements...

The advisors in The College of Liberal Arts Advising Center can answer your questions about General Education (GE) requirements, registration, academic planning, support services, major changes, and academic policies and procedures.Additional useful academic resources can be found on Cal Poly's Enrolled Students web page, including links to the Cal Poly catalog, registration information, academic records and evaluations, finals schedules, etc. Website:

In-Person & Zoom Appointments: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Closed for lunch from 12:00 – 1:00 pm)

Zoom Drop-in Advising: Monday – Friday, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm & 2:00 pm – 4:00pm

I have a question related to major and/or minor requirements in Psychology, Child Development, or Gerontology...

The Psychology and Child Development Department has several faculty members who serve as academic advisors for our majors and minors. Students are invited to attend office hours or make appointments with any of these advisors. For advisor contact information and office hours, click here.

For 2022-23, the Academic Advisors are:

Advisor Advising Area

Dr. Carrie Langner

Department Chair


Psychology Major 

Child Development Major

Child Development Minor

Gerontology Minor


Dr. Jessica Kaczorowski

(Associate Chair)

Child Development Major 


I have a question about graduate school and/or careers...

All active faculty in the Psychology and Child Development Department hold weekly office hours to support students in talking about educational and career plans. For advisor contact information and office hours, click here.

PSY/CD Advising Structure

The main roles of each of our advisors is outlined below, however our motto is: When in Doubt, Seek Someone Out!  You are welcome to contact any faculty member for support and they will direct you to the most appropriate person depending on your needs.  Click here PSY/CD Advising to read about the new PSY/CD process for helping you!

How Can I Sign Up for an Appointment?

Office hours are posted on the PSY/CD Website (or use QR code below). Unless indicated, office hours are opportunities to drop-in with advising questions, career/graduate school questions, or just to introduce yourself and chat.



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