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Twosday Newsday: 2-22-22



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Shout Outs 


This week's Shout Out goes to YOU! Let's fleX how fun it is to be a PSYCD student by hosting the First Annual PSYCD X-Games at this year's Cal Poly Open House.  Join us in stimulating prospective students' brains..literally (shout out to Dr. C who will bring her brain stimulating equipment) and figuratively (shout out to those of you who choose to help plan this event)!

Here's the ask...

Can you think of an interesting Psychology or Child Development eXperiment that would be fun to demo with prospective students? Maybe the Stroop Color & Word test? Piaget's Conservation Tasks? Illusions? The Implicit Associations Test?  Or, maybe you would you like to share your own coursework, research work, or senior project?The goal is to have highly interactive eXperiments and eXperiences for the families and prospective students that come to Open House. 

Use this link to share your ideas for engaging X-Games, flash talks, research posters, etc.

X-Games Ideas and Support Survey



Spring Registration Is Happening Now!


Check Student Center to see what date and time you register, head on over to Degree Planner to see what classes are available and to make sure you're on track to graduation. Use Schedule Builder to set yourself up for Spring Quarter.

Helpful tip! Planning your classes in Degree Planner lets the department know how many people want to take which classes, so they know which ones to offer and how many sections to offer!

If you would like extra help registering, or you have more questions, attend a registration workshop

enrollment updates

  • Things are looking good so far!  A few classes are already full but most classes have plenty of space available. Enjoy browsing the catalog to pick those that sound most interesting to you.  As always, contact Dr. Jipson or your PSYCD academic advisor with any concerns. 


Registration Tips


  • CD 302: Developmental Science Technology Lab will be available by permission number only to students graduating in Spring 2022 or Summer 2022. Please email Beatriz Peralta ( for more information or to request a permission number.


  • The following courses may have limited availability next year, if you need/want these classes, consider taking them now or in summer (courses with an * are tentatively planned for summer): 
    • PSY/CD 356: Behavioral Disorders in Childhood*
    • PSY 304: Intergroup Dialogues
    • PSY 352: Conflict Resolution: Violent and Nonviolent*
    • PSY 475: The Social Psychology of Prejudice*
    • PSY 430: Sensation and Perception
    • PSY 480: Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Understanding Waitlists: The enrollment system automatically monitors class enrollment.  When a space opens up, the first eligible student from the top of the waitlist is added to the class. Not sure how to waitlist a class? Find instructions here.

  • Instructor Communication: Your faculty receive many emails about course enrollment. If they do not respond to you, it's not because they don't care about your concern. Rather, faculty also have to wait for the automated waitlist process to complete - they do not receive permission codes to add students until after the 4th day of spring classes.  If you have an extenuating circumstance that you believe requires special enrollment consideration, please email Dr. Jipson  Make sure that your subject line is very detailed, e.g., "I'm graduating in spring and I still need CD302"

Seniors Doing SPRING 2021 Internships Need to Fill Out the Placement Status Survey by Friday 2/25 at 5 p.m.

All students who completed the internship interest survey and met placement requirements (met prereqs, graduating in Spring 22 or Fall 22), were sent an email from Dr. Garcia on Wednesday, February 16. That email included a link to a survey where you can indicate the status of your placement. Please fill this survey out even if you haven't yet secured an internship. Dr. Garcia will use this information to help students secure internships.  The deadline to complete the placement status survey is this upcoming Friday, February 25 by 5pm. 

Be sure to check your email and let Dr. Garcia ( know if you have any questions.

Reminder: Even if you have already secured an internship, you will not receive your permission number until finals week. This means you will add internship after you register for other classes. 


Summer Tentative Course Offerings 

Faculty Advisors are ready to help you plan your academic program & discuss career options - reach out!

talking graphic

Your faculty advisor can serve as your academic and career mentor and their signature is often needed for important paperwork. Be sure to reach out to talk with your faculty advisor on a regular basis. PSY First Year Students and new transfers received an email from the department with the name of your faculty advisor. CD students can find their advisor under Academic Advising on our department website. 

Apply for a 2021-22 PSYCD Student Travel Award

The Psychology & Child Development Department has approved the use of limited discretionary funds during the 2021-22 academic year for reimbursement of student expenses related to presenting at a conference (in person or virtual).

Any Psychology or Child Development major, or Psychology graduate student, who spends personal funds towards such an activity may apply for a PSYCD Student Travel Award. Students may apply for one conference reimbursement per academic year. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis through June 1, 2022.

Please follow these steps at least 2 weeks before the conference (if possible).

  • STEP 1: Fill out the Student Travel Award Application as soon as you know you will be requesting financial support to present at a conference. You can request the application form from Dr. Jipson (
  • STEP 2: If award application is approved, student will be emailed a Virtual Conference Request Form. Student are asked to submit this form at least 10 days prior to the conference.
  • STEP 3: Following the conference, preapproved students must send the following information to Christi Brizzolara (
    • Registration fee receipt
    • Description of your experience at the conference, and a reflection on how conference attendance contributed to your professional growth (1-2 pages)
    • Evidence of your authorship role, such as an acceptance letter or copy of the conference program that includes your name and the title of your presentation.

Other Internship News

  • The deadline for placement in fieldwork internships for Spring 2022 has passed. If you missed the deadline and need a Spring Placement to graduate in Spring 2022/Summer 2022/Fall 2022, please email Dr. Garcia.  
  • An updated Fieldwork Site List is now available! You can read more about internships, including prerequisites and field work sites, here
  • Research internships will be limited to students graduating in or before Fall 2022 and to students on the PSYCD Research Track (PSY/CD 448, 449)

  • To explore the possibility of a research internship, please review faculty research interests on our faculty page. Not all faculty are accepting research interns at this time. To find out whether you might join a faculty research lab, attend the office hours for professors whose research activities match your interests. 

Share Your Views with the Student Advisory Committee 

talking graphic

The PSYCD Student Advisory Committee provides consultation to the faculty on relevant undergraduate and graduate student issues.

They are ready to bring your comments and concerns to the department so email any member directly. Read about and find contact information for the committee members here: Student Advisory Committee   


Help Cal Poly Students with their Senior Projects

Breakup Breakdowns Senior Project. While in the process of discovering who they are, young adults often encounter the painful and messy realities of navigating through romantic relationships. Relational turbulence, breakups, and heartaches are serious concerns that intensely affect adolescents and young adults. Our senior project explores pre-existing factors leading to romantic relationship dissolution, functionality of breakups and techniques, how it impacts young adults in a variety of different ways, and how infidelity plays a complicated role in the breakup process. If you’re interested in learning more follow us on Instagram at cp.breakup.breakdowns. If you want to submit your own breakup story, go to “Romantic Relationship Revelations” in our Linktree.


NEW! Perceptions of the Communication Major Project. The purpose of this study is to uncover what perceptions are held about the Communication Studies Major by other undergraduate students. This study will also aim to uncover how undergraduate students hierarchically rank majors and what criteria are most commonly used. This student is looking for responses from non-communication majors, so please fill out this survey.


Psi Chi

Psi Chi Membership Scholarship
This year, Cal Poly's Psi Chi chapter is awarding scholarships to those in need; these scholarships will be in the amount of membership dues. We want to provide everyone with the opportunity to join Psi Chi and receive membership benefits, so please apply for the scholarship if you are in financial need. If you have any questions, please email psichislo@calpoly.eduForm Link:
Share your ideas
Psi Chi is devoted to hosting events that interest our members. Please fill out the form below to share what events you'd like to participate in and the times you can attend.Form Link:

Psychology Club

Happy Winter Quarter Psych Club! We are so excited to get the ball rolling and meet everyone :) This quarter, we will be having weekly meetings/ socials every Thursday from 11-12 pm in Baker (Bldg. 180) Room 101.

Poly Child Development Club

(no planned events so far this week)



Are you interested in civic engagement and advocacy and issues of social justice?

The Change the Status Quo Conference is screening a documentary about some debate and advocacy training done by Dr. John Martin and the director of the Morehouse College Debate Team in Cameroon as civil unrest was breaking out a few years ago. After the screening there will be a panel discussion by Dr. John Martin about his experiences there and how the speech and debate training offered by the Cal Poly Debate Team can help people successfully advocate for themselves and others.

Opportunities Through CESAME

Learn more here!

Learn more here!

Learning Assistant for Physics, Geology, and Astronomy

Learning Assistants (LAs) are undergraduate students who help fellow students learn under the supervision of a faculty member. LAs will not only gain a much deeper understanding of the content, but also significant experience in teaching in a college classroom, particularly useful for those who are interested to explore teaching as a vocation. Learn more here!

Teacher Assistants in Math and Science (TeAMS)

A paid teaching opportunity with 7th–12th grade students tutoring in a virtual or in-person format. $16/ hour for 6–10 hours per week. Students can apply at Visit the TeAMS website HERE!



This internship will take place in-person on Boston College’s campus. Students will be provided with on-campus housing in addition to their stipend. 

There are four participating developmental psychology labs. Students will be accepted to primarily work within one of these labs for the duration of the summer. Students will indicate their lab preference in the application.

THE CANINE COGNITION LAB (Dr. Angie Johnston) investigates the evolutionary origins of human social learning by comparing human children and pet dogs. Building off of traditional developmental methods used with infants and children, interns will have the opportunity to gain new perspectives on classic developmental questions by investigating which aspects of human social learning are shared with dogs and which may be unique to humans.

THE COOPERATION LAB (Dr. Katherine McAuliffe) studies how children acquire a sense of fairness, how they regulate their investment in cooperative endeavors, how the development of cooperation varies across different social and cultural contexts and how an emerging psychology of cooperation in children interfaces with other aspects of conceptual development like perspective taking and group bias.  

THE INFANT AND CHILD COGNITION LAB (Dr. Sara Cordes) studies how infants, children, and adults track number and acquire formal mathematical concepts (from verbal counting in preschoolers to algebraic concepts in teenagers), with a large focus on how learning of these concepts are influenced by social contexts and gender stereotypes. 

THE LANGUAGE LEARNING LAB (Dr. Joshua Hartshorne) takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying how children learn language. In addition to traditional developmental research methods, the lab makes use of massive online experiments, in which tens or even hundreds of thousands of children and adults participate in a single experiment, and computational models of language acquisition. 

Eligibility requirements: Students who are from underrepresented minority groups (Hispanics or Latinos, Blacks or African Americans, and American Indians or Alaska Natives), are first generation college students, are members of the LGBTQ+ community, or are veterans and who have had little or no research experience will be given priority. Additionally, applicants must be enrolled in an American undergraduate program and be entering their sophomore, junior or senior years. Interns will be required to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 including a booster shot in order to work on campus. 

Please (1) complete the application form: and (2) email your CV/resume to You may also submit an unofficial transcript via email, but it is optional. Review of applications will begin on March 1. No applications will be accepted after March 15  


The Georgetown Laboratory for Relational Cognition, directed by Dr. Adam Green, is seeking a full-time lab manager with a preferred start date of early summer 2022. Please see the attached advertisement and forward to the society listserv. For more information on the lab, see our website. With any questions, please contact Grace Porter at


University of California, Berkeley: Language and Cognitive Development Lab Summer Internship Program

The Language and Cognitive Development Lab at UC Berkeley, under the direction of Dr. Mahesh Srinivasan, is now accepting applications for our 2022 summer internship program. Highly motivated undergraduates, graduating seniors, and recent graduates are encouraged to apply. Our lab explores how linguistic, cognitive, and social abilities arise during human development and a central goal of our research is exploring how these different aspects of development interact with one another. The 9-week internship will be from May 31st to July 29th 2022. Interns will be expected to work 30 hours/week and will be offered a $3,375 stipend. Depending on public health conditions, this internship may be virtual or onsite; an announcement will be made closer to the start date. 

Interns will work closely with the lab manager, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and each other, and will meet with Professor Srinivasan to discuss their research. Interns will be involved in many facets of the research process, such as: assisting with data collection, running studies at local schools and museums, working on stimuli creation and preparation of study materials, reading relevant theoretical and empirical papers, recruiting participants, and processing or analyzing data. The goal of this program is to provide a comprehensive, hands-on research experience to students, while making valuable contributions to cognitive science. Please refer to for more information and application instructions. The application deadline is March 14th 8:00 AM PDT. Please direct any questions to Grace Horton at

Please check Tuesday Newsday archives for past info on opportunities.



Family Care Network Rehabilitation Specialist Position


The Institute of Reading Development: Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2022

The Institute of Reading Development is now hiring summer teachers for our live online reading skills programs for students of all ages. Our programs provide students with the skills, books, and experiences they need to achieve greater success in school and beyond.  There will be opportunities for continued employment with the Institute after the summer. Apply Now  Learn more about us and our reading programs at



Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Clinical Research Project Manager

The Very Early Onset (VEO) Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research Project Manager will join a highly productive team focused on uncovering underlying genetic and immunologic reasons that may contribute to the development of the disease and may help with providing new treatment options. 

This management role entails providing clinical organizational support for the research in the VEO Program, directed by Dr. Judith Kelsen, MD. We are seeking a full-time clinical research project manager who interfaces with clinical care and research teams for the complete coordination of specific clinical research projects. Coordination responsibilities include, but are not limited to, organizing the recruitment of research participants, interfacing with clinical care and lab staff to schedule research visits, ensuring adherence to study protocols, preparing and submitting regulatory documentation to the Institutional Review Board, ensuring clinical study databases are maintained and up to date, and overseeing clinical research coordinators. Applicants should have experience working in a clinical setting.  

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Clinical Research Assistant

The Center for Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease is looking for candidate to join the research team assisting with a variety of studies. The successful candidate will be a good multitasker, have great organizational skills and pays close attention to details. The day-to-day responsibilities of this role will be participant recruitment, informed consent, data collection and extraction, sample collection, and communicating with participants and their families. The applicant could work on multiple research studies at any given time and is expected to work comfortably as part of a research team. The focus of the research will be on inflammatory bowel disease.

UCSD Social Cognition and Learning Laboratory: Lab Coordinator Position

The Social Cognition and Learning Laboratory (, directed by Dr. Lindsey Powell, is seeking a full-time lab manager to begin Summer 2022, with a start date in late June or early July preferred.

The lab uses behavioral and neural (fNIRS) methods to investigate the development of social cognition and how it impacts learning from others in infancy and early childhood. The lab manager’s responsibilities will center on research activities including recruiting, scheduling, and testing participants; creating experimental stimuli; and training and managing undergraduate RAs to collect and code data. The position will also involve administrative duties such as maintaining and purchasing lab equipment; maintaining and updating IRB protocols and participant databases; and maintaining the lab website and social media outreach. The lab manager will also organize and attend weekly lab meetings and is encouraged to attend other scientific talks and be a member of the intellectual community at UCSD.

The position will involve working closely with the PI and other senior researchers in the lab, and will present the opportunity to build skills in designing experiments and analyzing, presenting, and publishing data. The position is ideal for a recent college graduate interested in gaining research experience before deciding whether to pursue graduate study.

For the full job posting, and to apply, see here!

For more information about Bright Life Play School, see here!


WINTER 2022 office hours will be posted soon on the PSYCD Website. Remember that these times are reserved for you! Drop in with advising questions, career/graduate school questions, or just to introduce yourself and chat.

  • Remember: Your faculty advisor can serve as your academic and career mentor and their signature is often needed for important paperwork. Be sure to reach out to talk with your faculty advisor on a regular basis. PSY First Year Students and new transfers received an email from the department with the name of your faculty advisor. CD students can find their advisor under Academic Advising on our department website. Students admitted into the PSYCD majors through ICMA will receive an email with advisor information.
  • Returning students can contact the department office if you need to be reminded of your faculty advisor's name and contact information.
  • Dr. Jipson is also available to advise students advise about minors, ICMAs, course schedules, and graduation requirements.*  Her office hours are listed below.  Please use the calendar links below to sign up for appointments.  

*All internship-related questions should be directed to Dr. Julie Garcia.

Dr. Jipson's In-Person Advising

Use this link to schedule:

  • Mondays 11-1/Thursdays 9-11 a.m.: In person advising only. Students can schedule a 15 minute time slot using the In-Person calendar link above, or drop in.  If dropping in, priority will be given to those with an appointment.

Dr. Jipson's Zoom Advising

Use this link to schedule:

  • Tuesdays 1-2 p.m/ Wednesdays 8:30-10:30 a.m.. Zoom advising only.  Students can schedule a 15 minute time slot using the Zoom appointment calendar link.



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