Psychology and Child Development

College of Liberal Arts

Academic Advising

Getting advising helps you graduate on time and make choices that will help you build your career. Upon entering our programs, you will be assigned a psychology or child development faculty advisor. The College of Liberal Arts Advising Center is also a great place to get information and guidance to help you succeed at Cal Poly. 

Faculty Advisors

Your faculty advisor can serve as your academic and career mentor and their signature is often needed for important paperwork. Be sure to talk with your faculty advisor on a regular basis. It is a good idea to come prepared to these meetings with appropriate paperwork and forms. This allows your advisor to help you to make the most appropriate choices to move forward toward your degree. You may also request a different advisor as you progress through the program and meet faculty who have the expertise better suited for your educational and career plans. All faculty members have scheduled office hours each week when you may drop by without an appointment. The department chair is also available to help and has drop-in office hours. Faculty Office hours are posted on under the Faculty tab.

PSY Students

Email the Department Office at to find out the name of your faculty advisor.

CD Students

Faculty Advising Information

College of Liberal Arts Advising Center

The advisors in The College of Liberal Arts Advising Center can answer your questions about General Education (GE) requirements, Cal Poly Policies, and how to make sure you graduate on time. Additional useful academic resources can be found on Cal Poly's Enrolled Students web page, including links to the Cal Poly catalog, registration information, academic records and evaluations, finals schedules, etc.

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