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For this week's PSY&CD spotlight feature, we are highlighting psychology professor Laura Freberg. Read more about her below!

Laura Freberg, Psychology Professor

Is there anything from any of your previous educators (at any point in your life) that has stuck with you?

I was so fortunate to do my dissertation under the direction of Bob Rescorla. Bob’s command of research design was unparalleled. He was never afraid to challenge the status quo. Incidentally, it’s the Rescorla-Wagner model, not Wagner-Rescorla, because the two scholars did a coin toss for first authorship, and Bob won.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Family is so important to me. I married my high school sweetheart when we were both 20. Our parents couldn’t help us with school, so we were just “why not?”  We have been lucky to have three amazing daughters. Our oldest is a West Point grad (now a Colonel), combat engineer, close quarters combat instructor, and data scientist. Our middle is a professor of communications and social media at the University of Louisville who was also a four-time All-American and Olympic Trials finalist in track and field. She’s sort of notorious for having Ryan Reynolds Zoom-bomb one of her social media classes. Nope, that’s not going to happen in my classes, sorry. Our youngest has autism spectrum disorder and has taught us so much. She is an amazing artist and draws for my textbooks. There is a special kind of love reserved for grandchildren. Why else would you spend tons of time learning the ins and outs of Minecraft and Ninjago?

Which talent would you most like to have?

I would love to be a better musician. My favorite pianist is Daniel Barenboim, who makes it look so easy. But even if we’re not very good, art is good for the soul.

Do you have any talents/hobbies that people might not know about?

I love video games. My ringtone is Legend of Zelda. I may be one of the few psychologists who think that video games are actually good for you (in moderation). I would much prefer to see kids in unstructured, outdoor play, but if they must be inside, I prefer seeing them play video games instead of passively watching TV.

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Important Dates


Summer class schedule viewable: April 15

Summer course registration: April 24-30

Fall course registration: May 20-June 28

Senior Project Symposium: May 30, 11am-1pm (Chumash auditorium)

Senior Celebration: Friday evening, May 31

Commencement: June 16

Congratulations Dr. Laura Freberg!

Professor Laura Freberg was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Western Psychological Association. She is pictured here with WPA President Lori Baker (of Cal Poly Pomona).

Senior Project Symposium Interest Form

We know you all have worked hard on your senior projects and have gained knowledge that is valuable to our department community. So we are hosting a senior project symposium for you to share your work! Please sign up below if you are interested in presenting at the senior project symposium.

PSYCD Graduation Stoles and Psi Chi Graduation Cords

Are you a senior graduating this year? PSYCD graduation stoles are available in the department office (47-24) for $20. If you are a Psi Chi member, please fill out this interest form to receive a graduation cord! Link:

Graduation Celebration Tickets 

Graduation Celebration Slideshow 

Please email any pictures you would like in the graduation celebration slideshow to

Psi Chi Office Hours 

Happy Spring Quarter Psi Chi! We are so excited to welcome you back with our new OFFICE HOURS every Tuesday from 11am-12pm in room C102 of the Construction Innovations building! You can use this space to study, take a break, or ask us any questions you may have about Psi Chi. Come stop by and visit us to learn more about us, get to know our board, and just hang out :) We’ve missed you!

Psi Chi Board Applications are Open

Get involved! PSI CHI Board Applications are OPEN for the 2024-25 school year! We have many positions to choose from including Secretary, Treasurer, Social Media, DEI Lead and Community Outreach or Event Coordinator. No experience required, anyone is welcome to apply. It’s a great opportunity to build your resume with leadership experience. We would LOVE to have YOU on our team! Please message with any questions. Link to the form:

Undocumented Experiences in Higher Ed Senior Project

Alzheimer's Awareness Senior Project 

Please RSVP by scanning the QR code or clicking the following link:

 Mental Health Workshop Senior Project



If you are missing a permission number for internship or senior project, you can email Beatriz Peralta in the main office or the faculty member who is supervising that course.


*The Helping Relationship (PSY323) is being offered in Summer with Kendra Williams. This is a great opportunity for those who would like to do their internship in Fall quarter at the middle school wellness center that Kendra Williams is developing. This section of 323 will be in-person during the 10 week session.

*We will raise cap on the 344 (section 81) soon - so some students will be getting in off the waitlist.

*Please check out all the courses being offered - most of them are asynchronous.



If you are now a senior based on completed coursework, make sure that your intended graduation date is updated with the Cal Poly “changing your graduation term” form on the registrar website.


Fieldwork: Students gain experience working within local social service and governmental agencies, schools, businesses, and other organizations.

Research: Qualified students interested in research experience may find opportunities to work within faculty research labs. These positions are limited. 

See our internships page for more detail.


Internships in Fall 2024 are only available to students with senior standing or expected graduation dates of Summer 2024, Fall 2024, Winter 2025, and Spring 2025. If you are junior or senior standing and plan to do your internship in Fall, you should be on the department's Field Internship Orientation canvas page (if not, please email to be added).

Email Dr. Jessica Kaczorowski (jkaczoro@calpoly) with any general questions about internship. 


  • All students eligible for fieldwork internship and graduating in Summer 2024 or during the 2024-2025 academic year have been invited to join the internship canvas. If you did not receive an invitation to the canvas page and meet the requirements for internship (i.e., you will be a senior, taken required coursework, and are graduating next academic year), please contact Dr. Jessica Kaczorowski (
  • If you will be enrolling in PSY/CD 453 in Fall 2024, OR you are planning to complete PSY/CD 454 at a different site in fall, complete the Internship Placement Interest Form Survey by Friday May 3rd on canvas. This gives a sense of how many people will be enrolling in internship in Fall and what sites people are interested in.
  • If you are planning to stay at your same site in Fall 2024 for PSY/CD 454, submit the Continuing at Same Site Survey by Friday May 10th on canvas.
  • Faculty will begin providing contact information for internship sites on Monday of Week 6. Please do not email faculty requesting that information before then as we are gathering information still.
  • Feel free to email Dr. Jessica Kaczorowski ( with internship related questions



There are additional options beyond the 'research track' (applications due at beginning of Junior year). When faculty members are looking for research interns, we will post that info in the Tuesday Newsday. Another way to seek out research experience is to talk to your professors in office hours about your interest in research and whether they know of any projects or will keep you in mind for future projects. A few of our students have secured research internships with faculty in other departments at Cal Poly and in some cases it is possible to substitute internship units for the PSYCD internship requirements. See below for info on the SURP summer opportunity.


Tentative Course Offerings (TCO) for 2024-25


Please always check our TCO because it is where we first publish our updates:

FYI: ***The listings for Summer and Fall 2024 are UPDATED*** 


Career Services Toyota Info Session

Dr. Martha Galván Mandujano Teacher-Scholar Project Presentation


Campus Health Resources 

-Health services  [ and]

-Mental health services [ and]

-Food pantry (

Kennedy Library Resources


On Campus Study Locations

Click here for a list of study locations on campus. This list includes real-time occupancy information for some of the temporary spaces.


State Hospital Job Openings


Thank you, Professor Rassti, for sharing these rare opportunities:
Behavior Specialist I - Bachelor's degree required -
Behavior Specialist II - Master's degree required -


Speech and OT Paid Internship Opportunity

Summer Job Opportunity: Camp Krem Yosemite

You can learn more at

APA Division 53 Mentorship Program

Health Professional Track of California Pre-Doctoral Program

Therapist-Led Shop Talks

Hand In Hand Preschool and Infant Center

CAL Fresh: You may be eligible!

We are an on-campus organization known as CalFresh Outreach. We aim to raise awareness of student eligibility for CalFresh benefits, which can provide students with up to $291/month for groceries if they qualify. 

Because of expanded eligibility through “Local Programs that Increase Employability (LPIEs),” an estimated ~15,000 students at Cal Poly are now eligible, even based only on their major. Approved programs include:

  • most undergraduate majors in CLA
  • every undergraduate major in CENG
  • every undergraduate major in CAFES
  • every undergraduate major in COSAM
  • every undergraduate major in CAED
  • most undergraduate majors in OCOB
  • many grad programs

Enrollment in one of these majors alone could make a student likely eligible for CalFresh benefits (they must also meet basic eligibility criteria). This short survey is a great resource to explore eligibility & share with students:

Childcare Jobs

Looking for paid experiences working with children? Be sure to join the Poly Child Development Club Jobs Facebook group

The PSY&CD deparment does not advertise family care opportunities in the Tuesday Newsday; see the "Poly Child Development Club Jobs Page" at You will have to request to be added to the group and then, once approved, you will be able to post.



How can I learn more about senior project?

We have updated information about Senior Projects on the department website.

  • PSY/CD 461 is a seminar-style class where you attend class and work with a team to identify an area of interest and conduct a literature review on that topic. Registration for this is through the usual process.
  • PSY/CD 462 is a supervision-mode class where your team gets matched with a faculty advisor who guides you in developing and conducting a project related to your literature review from PSY/CD 461. The final deliverable includes a written paper that usually consists of sections typical to APA articles (Abstract, Literature Review, Method, Results, Discussion, References).Registration for this is by permission number given out during PSY/CD 461.

Planning your schedule for the year?

We have updated the Tentative Course Offerings link to reflect the courses we are offering this academic year. REMEMBER, however, things can change so check back often.



Schedule an Appointment - Current Students | School of Education

What Kind of Advising is Available?

I have a question related to GE requirements...

The advisors in The College of Liberal Arts Advising Center can answer your questions about General Education (GE) requirements, registration, academic planning, support services, major changes, and academic policies and procedures.Additional useful academic resources can be found on Cal Poly's Enrolled Students web page, including links to the Cal Poly catalog, registration information, academic records and evaluations, finals schedules, etc. Website:

In-Person & Zoom Appointments: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Closed for lunch from 12:00 – 1:00 pm)

Zoom Drop-in Advising: Monday – Friday, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm & 2:00 pm – 4:00pm

I have a question related to major and/or minor requirements in Psychology, Child Development, or Gerontology...

The Psychology and Child Development Department has several faculty members who serve as academic advisors for our majors and minors. Students are invited to attend office hours or make appointments with any of these advisors. For advisor contact information and office hours, click here.

For 2022-23, the Academic Advisors are:

Advisor Advising Area

Dr. Carrie Langner

Department Chair


Psychology Major 

Child Development Major

Child Development Minor

Gerontology Minor


Dr. Jessica Kaczorowski

(Associate Chair)

Child Development Major 


I have a question about graduate school and/or careers...

All active faculty in the Psychology and Child Development Department hold weekly office hours to support students in talking about educational and career plans. For advisor contact information and office hours, click here.

PSY/CD Advising Structure

The main roles of each of our advisors is outlined below, however our motto is: When in Doubt, Seek Someone Out!  You are welcome to contact any faculty member for support and they will direct you to the most appropriate person depending on your needs.  Click here PSY/CD Advising to read about the new PSY/CD process for helping you!

How Can I Sign Up for an Appointment?

Office hours are posted on the PSY/CD Website (or use QR code below). Unless indicated, office hours are opportunities to drop-in with advising questions, career/graduate school questions, or just to introduce yourself and chat.



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