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For more information about the Psychology & Child Development Department's Student Advisory Committee, please email the department or call 805-756-2033.

New Student Peer Mentors

Our PSY/CD Mentors provide our new majors with advice related to the major requirements, relevant opportunities on and off campus, and possible career paths. These mentors each work with a team of several students in our PSY/CD 102 Orientation course, helping strengthen community within our major and serving as friendly faces as our new majors navigate their time at Cal Poly.

PSYCD 2021-22 Student Peer Mentors are:


Madison Anderson-Au (she/her/hers), Psychology

Madison Anderson-Au
  • From Cupertino, CA
  • Career interest: teaching, marketing, UI/UX
  • Psychology Club, CLA Peer Advisor, Dance Minor, UM Dance Team, Hula Club, Harmonics A Cappella
  • Favorite thing about SLO: SLO is perfect for hiking, beaching, thrift shopping, and being a college student!



Alice Antony (she/her/hers), Psychology

Alice Antony
  • From Petaluma, CA
  • Career interest: Neuropsychologist, Research, Psychiatrist
  • Involved in Psi Chi Club, Mustang Mentor, Greek Life USFC
  • Favorite thing: I love the hiking trails!



Anthony Benitez (he/him/his), Psychology

  • From San Diego, CAAnthony Benitez
  • Career interest: Clinical Pyschology and Forensic Psychology
  • Involved in Cal Poly Cross Country and Track & Field Athlete, Men and Masculinities
  • Favorite thing about Cal Poly: The people who make up the community



Kirrin Bereznak (she/her/hers), Psychology

Kirrin Bereznak
  • From Chino, CA
  • Career interest: Higher Education, MFT, School Psychologist, Teacher
  • Currently working as an assistant director for Little Sprouts a toddler/daycare here in SLO.
  • Favorite thing: Nature/Central Coast



Alexis Bishop (she/her/hers), Psychology

Alexis Bishop
  • From Soledad, CA
  • Career interest: Teaching at the community college level, working in private therapeutic practice
  • Transfer Orientation Assistant, CLA Ambassadors, TRIO Achievers
  • Favorite thing about SLO: How gorgeous and green it is



Juliana Brozio (she/her/hers), Psychology

  • From San Diego, CAJuliana Brozio
  • Career interest: Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Involved in Camp Kesem at Cal Poly, intern at Central Coast Hotline, Psi Chi
  • Favorite things about SLO: All of the beautiful nature in SLO like the beaches, hikes, and sunset spots. Also the small town feel and the great community here. SLO is the best college town ever!



Camille Delfosse (she/her/hers), Psychology

  • Camille DelfosseFrom Danville, CA
  • Career interest: Experimental Psychology, Child Psychology
  • Involved in Alpha Chi Omega
  • Favorite thing about SLO: The beautiful weather and being close to the beach!



Christa Hudson

Christa Hudson (she/her/hers), Psychology 

  • From Santa Clarita, CA
  • Career interest: Restorative Justice, forensic psychology, counseling, social work
  • Involved in Safer: Survivor Wellness Intern, PULSE: Peer Health Educator
  • Favorite thing about Cal Poly: Weather, variety of restaurants, close to the beach



Rebecca Iniquez

Rebecca Iniquez (she/her/hers), Psychology

  • From San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Career interest: Lawyer, public policy, work for an NPO
  • Involved in Greek Life - DEI
  • Favorite thing about SLO: The beaches and weather!



Nanoha Kamiya

Nanoha Kamiya (he/him/his), Psychology

  • From Sunnyvale, CA
  • Career interest: Pediatric Therapy (Speech Therapy, Occupational therapy)
  • Involved in Cal Poly Honors Program, Cal Poly Preschool Learning Lab, JSA (Japanese Student Association), Cal Poly Psychology Club
  • Favorite thing about SLO: The nature and Farmers Market! I also love how every PSY/CD professors are welcoming and supportive



Kallie Kidder (she/her/hers), Psychology

  • From Olympia, WA
  • Career interest: I am interested in clinical work- specifically working with Lauren Garabedianeating disorders!
  • Involved in PolyReps, Cal Poly Distance Club, New Student & Transition Programs
  • Favorite thing about SLO: I loooove the people at Cal Poly, especially those I have met in my various campus involvements



Catie Logan (she/her/hers), Psychology 

Tatiana Garcia
  • From Walnut Creek, CA
  • Career interest: Working in Recruiting, PR, or marketing for a professional sports team
  • I work for the Cal Poly football team running their social media. I am also on the board of the Sports Business Association as Director of Communications 
  • Favorite thing about SLO: The balance it offers- great food, beaches, pretty hikes, ability to focus on school, etc



Celia Magee (she/her/hers), Psychology

  • From Alameda, CACelia Magee
  • Career interest: Teacher, School Psychologist, Principal
  • Involved in: intern @ Arroyo Grande High School
  • Favorite thing about Cal Poly: The beautiful weather and the proximity to the beach!



Sophie Mason (she/her/hers), Psychology

Sophie Mason
  • From Seattle, WA
  • Career interest: Child psychologist; Adolescent/child therapist
  • Involved Psi Chi, CP Dance Program, United in Movement, Chabad, Neuroscience research with Dr. C, Greek Life, Central Coast Hotline at TMHA, and a preschool teacher at an off-campus school
  • Favorite thing about SLO: I love being so close to the beach and always having fun new local shops and eateries to check out! 



Emily Sorenson (she/her/hers), Child Development

Emily Sorenson
  • From Morgan Hill, CA
  • Career interest: LMFT, Clinical Psychologist, Nurse Practitioner, LCSW
  • Involved in CRU, Psi Chi, Cal Poly Surfrider, New Student and Transition Programs (NSTP)
  • Favorite thing about SLO: The weather and the outdoor activities! I love to surf and climb in the area.



Shivani Upadhyay (she/her/hers), Child Development

  • From Fremont, CAShivani Upadhyay
  • Career interest: Clinical Psychologist
  • Involved as Psychology Club Event Coordinator, PCDC DEI Chair
  • Favorite thing about SLO: I love going downtown on Thursdays to the Farmer’s Market



Jacob Van Dam (he/his/him), Psychology

  • Jacob Van DamFrom Hemet, CA
  • Career interest: Psychiatry or Neurology
  • Involved in Research with Dr. Bennion, PULSE, and Cru
  • Favorite thing about SLO: I love going to the beach



Lexi Watkins

Lexi Watkins (she/her/hers), Psychology 

  • From San Diego, CA
  • Career interest: PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience/Cognitive Psychology, Potential career in research, college professor
  • Involved in Women’s cross country and track and field teams, Research Emphasis Track, Psi Chi
  • Favorite thing about Cal Poly: I love our close proximity to the beaches! I also love the people at Cal Poly. I’ve met so many genuine & down to earth people here!  



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