Psychology and Child Development

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Research Opportunities

Our faculty are actively involved in scholarship that contributes to the knowledge base in psychology and developmental science. Much of this research is applied in nature and informs practice in a variety of disciplines.  Research projects are often interdisciplinary, involving collaborations with scholars across Cal Poly and other universities. The research activities in our department offer students a unique opportunity to develop the practical, methodological, and theoretical skills necessary to study human behavior. Many students go on to do their own independent research both as undergraduates here at Cal Poly and in future graduate studies. 

Learn about Faculty Research Interests here.

Become a Research Intern 

Qualified students may gain research experience working with faculty researchers. Arranging a research internship is initiated by the student. A listing of current research projects can be found on the department website, but interested students will need to talk to individual faculty members about availability of research assistant positions. Research internships can count as one of the required fieldwork experiences (CD/PSY 448 or CD/PSY 449). Alternatively, students may get course credit by signing up for an independent study (PSY 200/400, CD 200/ 400). 

Apply for the Research Track

Deadline to apply for 2022-23 is October 14th.  Please read Tuesday Newsday each week for more information as it becomes available.

In addition to work as a research intern, students can conduct original research as part of their academic training in Psychology and Child Development. If accepted to our research track, students receive mentorship in research skills which culminates in an empirical senior project. This type of senior project is recommended for those students planning to pursue a PhD. Spaces are limited.

Please note that students collecting data with human participants must first receive approval from Cal Poly's Human Subjects Committee. Students who plan to use the SONA system for research participants will want to consult their senior project advisor or instructor for guidance in this process.

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