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The PSY&CD department is currently accepting applications for minors in Child Development and Gerontology. Please select the minor form link below that matches your catalog year. Catalog year is found on both Degree Progress and Poly Profile. Scroll down to bottom of page for information on the Psychology minor.

Minor in Child Development

Our Child Development minor can complement many majors, help students reach career goals, and promote personal and intellectual growth. Many employers such as social service agencies, schools or professional graduate programs such as social work, law, nursing, and medical school view a Child Development minor as an asset. They seek applicants with knowledge and skills relevant to human service, understanding cultural differences, and experience in designing educational and technological systems based on the science of human growth and development.

Child Development Minor Requirements:

  • Complete at least one quarter at Cal Poly
  • CPSLO GPA of 3.0 at time of applying for the minor
  • If you entered Cal Poly as a first-time freshman, you must apply for the minor no later than the end of Fall quarter in the third year. 
  • If you entered Cal Poly as a transfer student, you must apply for the minor no later than the end of Fall quarter in the second year.

You can also find a description of the Child Development Minor in the Cal Poly Course Catalog.

Use the appropriate link below to begin the Child Development Minor process:

Child Development 17-19 Minor Form

Child Development 19-21and 21-26 Minor Form

Please also read the CD Minor FAQ's linked here: CD Minor FAQ

If you have questions, contact the department office at  

Minor in Gerontology

Gerontology is the study of the social, psychological, and biological aspects of aging. Expertise in gerontology is valued as the number of older adults in our communities is growing. The minor prepares students to work with older adults. Those currently working in the field of gerontology may upgrade their skills and enhance their careers by receiving the gerontology minor and certificate.

You can also find a description of the Gerontology Minor in the Cal Poly Course Catalog.

The advisor for the Gerontology Minor is Dr. Carrie Langner. You can find her contact information on our Faculty page.

Note that the KINE 408 class has several prerequisites that GERO minors do not need.  To enroll in this class, contact the professor for a permission code that overrides prerequisites.

The prerequisites for FSN courses are required.

Use the appropriate link below to begin the Gerontology Minor process:

Gerontology 17-19 Minor Form

Gerontology 19-21 Minor Form

Gerontology 21-26 Minor Form


The minor in Psychology is suspended and is being reviewed by the academic senate. It is unlikely to be reinstated until 2026.

Suspension of Psychology Minor Applications 

  • Due to the highly impacted nature of psychology courses,the PSY minor has been suspended.  Reinstatement of the minor will depend on availability of instructional resources.  The minor is unlikely to reopen in AY 23-24.
  • Psychology classes remain open to all students with the necessary prerequisites - we invite you to take the courses that interest you even though you are not taking them "for" a minor. 
  • If and when the minor reopens, we will temporarily waive the requirement that students apply by the fall of their junior year.
  • Students who have already declared a PSY minor can proceed with their minor, but keep in mind that minors do not have priority enrollment in courses and there is no guarantee that you will be able to complete the minor. 
  • Unfortunately, we cannot award a PSY minor to students who did not declare a PSY minor prior to the suspension.  This is the case even for students who have taken all of the courses equivalent to the minor.
  • We understand that the hold on the psychology minor program may be disappointing and we urge students with concerns to talk with their faculty advisors. Office Hours and Advising Opportunities
    • Please note that having a minor on your transcript is very unlikely to influence your career trajectory; rather, we can support you in highlighting the knowledge and skills you've gained in PSY courses and relevant experiences in a way that's far stronger than simply having a minor listed on your official documents.
    • For students who would like to add a minor to their academic record, we urge you to explore the wealth of other minor offerings at Cal Poly. See a complete list here.
    • You can find a description of the Psychology Minor in the Cal Poly Course Catalog.
  • If you have already declared a minor in any field of study, but no longer plan to complete it, please fill out the "Drop Minor Request" form.  


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