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For more information about the Psychology & Child Development Department's Student Advisory Committee, please email the department or call 805-756-2033.

February 18 Weekly Announcements


Planning your schedule for next year? 

The Tentative Course Offerings link has been updated to reflect the courses we are planning to offer this summer and next year. Keep in mind that this is a tentative list so offerings can change. Also, remember that PolyPlanner is not as up to date as our link.

Need Advising?

Registration is always a good time to meet with an advisor to make sure you are on the right track. 

GE questions? See a CLA Advisor

Major requirement questions? See your PSYCD faculty advisor

Don't Miss Cal Poly's Teach-In Workshops This Week!

Check out all the great events as part of Cal Poly's Inclusion Starts with Me Teach In. Click HERE for the schedule of events.

Spring Internship Update!

If you attended the January 25th internship meeting you should be in the process of setting up interviews with your 1st choice site. Once you have secured your placement, be sure to have your site supervisor sign an Orange Internship Card. Return signed card to Department Office. You will NOT receive a permission number for your internship until the end of the quarter. This means you will add internship after you register for classes. For more information or questions, please see/email Professor Langner (


Library Fishbowl hours are open each week for use to ALL PSY and CD majors. You don't have to be a member of Psi Chi to use them.

216N, 2:00pm - 3:00pm Thursday, February 21, 2019
216P, 12:00pm - 3:00pm Saturday, February 23, 2019​
216P, 2:00pm - 5:00pm Sunday, February 24, 2019​

Are you a CD Major or Minor planning to apply to Cal Poly's Multiple Subject Credential Program (MSTEP)?

Learn which MSTEP prereqs you have to take and which are waived for CD majors and minors.

Club Information and Events!

PCDC DANCE MARATHON! Friday, February 22nd - Saturday, February 23rd. This is a 12 hour event on campus where we stand and dance for children who are not able. There will be different themes throughout the night like line dancing and zumba and food sponsors as well. $65,432.18 was raised last year! Click HERE register. Even if you are unable to attend the event, you can help PCDC reach their goal of $1000 by donating HERE 
PCDC T-Shirts are now on sale! Complete the order form HERE.
Animal Human Bond Club will be meeting this coming Thursday, February 21, from 12-1 PM in the Psychology Dept. Conference Room (47-24B). We will be making plans for events! Anyone interested in the club, but who cannot attend, can email Dr. Lewis, the club advisor, at

Student Travel/Research Support Available!

Funding is available to undergraduate majors and graduate students within the Psychology & Child Development Department only. A student may apply for one award only. The maximum award amount will normally be capped at $200. For more information about the award and how to apply go to Forms & Docs where you will find the Travel/Research Support Application (scroll down the page). For consideration in our first round of reviews you must submit your application By March 1st! If and only if we have additional funds remaining, will we be able to consider applications that are turned in after the due date.

Study Abroad/Service Abroad Opportunities

Cal Poly in Viet Nam Summer 2019-- Application Deadline is March 1st!

Politics & Culture in China Summer 2019-- Application Deadline is March 1st!

Language & Culture in Mexico Summer 2019-- Application Deadline is March 1st!

Cal Poly in Spain Summer 2019-- Application Deadline is March 1st!

Cal Poly in Spain Fall 2019-- Application Deadline: April 11th!

Research Conferences

The UCSD Psi Chi and psychology department are holding Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference and Graduate School Fair on Saturday April, 20th. To learn how to attend or apply to present click HERE.

Interested in presenting your research project at the 2019 UCLA Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC)? Applications are due Wednesday, March 6th. Applications and details are available at

Full-Time Research/Lab Positions for Graduates

NEW! The Cooperation Lab at Boston College, directed by Dr. Katherine McAuliffe, is seeking a lab manager/research coordinator. The lab focuses on the origins of cooperation in human development and evolution. Interested candidates can find more information and application materials here.

NEW! The Kids’ Thinking Lab at the University of Pittsburgh directed by Dr. Melissa Libertus is looking to hire a full-time lab manager starting May 20, 2019. The position entails recruitment, scheduling and testing of parents and children between 0-8 years of age, supervision of undergraduate research assistants, and help with data analysis and research reports. Interested applicants can find more information here.

NEW! The Communication Sciences and Disorders Program at the University of Delaware is seeking a full-time Limited Term Researcher. The successful candidate will work jointly in the Speech Language Acquisition & Multilingualism (SLAM) and Memory & Perception of Speech (MAPS) labs. To apply for the position, email a cover letter describing your relevant experience and future goals; your CV; and have three letters of recommendation sent to Dr. Giovanna Morini at:

NEW! The Social Minds Lab of the University of Michigan (Prof. Felix Warneken) is seeking a full-time lab manager to conduct research on cooperation in young children. The position entails subject recruitment and scheduling, testing in the lab and at schools, using advanced video coding technology, and active participation in research. Interested candidates can find more information and application materials here.

The Stanford Social Neuroscience Lab (PI: Jamil Zaki) invites applications for a full-time research assistant position, to begin in Summer or Fall of 2019, for a term of at least 1 year. Seeking a highly motivated individual with a BA or BS in Psychology or Neuroscience to assist Dr. Zaki and members of his lab on a large, collaborative project combining social network analysis, experience sampling, and neuroimaging. Interested candidates can find application materials here.

The Cognition, Attention, and Brain (CAB) Lab in the Department of Psychology at the University of Chicago, is seeking a full-time research assistant/lab manager for a targeted start date of summer 2019. The CAB Lab explores how we pay attention, and how insights from attention research can help improve focus. To apply, please email Monica Rosenberg at with a CV, cover letter, and contact information for references.

Summer Research Opportunities 

The Harvard Lab for Developmental Studies invites undergraduate students and graduating seniors to apply for our 2019 summer internship program under the direction of Dr. Susan Carey and Dr. Jesse Snedeker. Their research asks how infants can go from their initial conceptual and linguistic state to the vast, abstract, and uniquely human adult state. The internship will start on 6/10/2019 and runs through 8/16/2019. The application deadline is March 1st. 

2019 Oral History Summer Institute at Columbia, "Oral History from the Margins to the Center: Narrating the Politics of our Time" will focus on the challenges we face in documenting the political present when secrecy and distortions of truth threaten the most vulnerable in open societies. Please contact Mary Marshall Clark ( or Terrell Frazier  ( for more information.

For eight weeks this summer Yale will host the Summer Internship in Organizational Behavior (OB) at the School of Management. The program is an immersive experience for nontraditional and underrepresented students considering careers in fields like OB, social psychology, and sociology. You can apply by March 1st at this link:

Graduate School Information

NEW! Northwestern University's Psychology Department is hosting a program on Friday and Saturday, June 7th - 8th for students who are members of groups that are traditionally underrepresented in academia (including first-generation college students), and who are potentially interested in pursuing graduate study in psychology.  Activities will include workshops designed to help with the graduate school application process and opportunities to meet psychology department faculty members and graduate students to learn what graduate school is like and how they might fit into the various psychology graduate programs (e.g., clinical, social, cognitive neuroscience, etc.). Travel and accommodation costs associated with participation will be covered, and the application process will be fast and free .
Applications are due March 31st!  

Job/Volunteer Opportunities

NEW! Harmony's Garden School is seeking an assistant teacher or intern. 

A Child's Smile Preschool in Arroyo Grande is seeking a part-time teacher.

Volunteer with Central Coast Aquarium - Avila Beach. No marine science experience necessary!

Check out Cal Poly's Student Community Services for a list of current volunteer opportunities.

Looking for a Professor's Office Hours?

Click on the FACULTY link on the psycd websiste. Here you will find a PDF link with a list of the PSY & CD professors and their hours and office locations.

Need someone to talk to?

The SLO Counseling Service at Cal Poly offers short-term counseling and consultation services.



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