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For more information about the Psychology & Child Development Department's Student Advisory Committee, please email the department or call 805-756-2033.

April 6 Weekly Announcements

Latest Campus Updates

Best place to learn about the lastest Campus updates on the Cornoavirus is at

Some other Helpful Sites:

How do I crash a PSY or CD course?

  • Course enrollments will stay the same! As always, it is up to the instructor to decide if they will enroll more students. 
  • Waitlists will still work like they always do. Up until Day 4 of the quarter (i.e., April 9) when a student drops, a new student is automatically enrolled off of the waitlist.
  • Crashing. If you want to crash a course on the first day, please email the instructor directly. Priority will be given to students in the following order: 1) graduating PSY & CD seniors, 2) PSY & CD students who had study abroad canceled and are in need of major courses, 3) graduating PSY & CD minors, 4) PSY & CD majors who do not have 12 units, 5) students on change of major contracts into PSY or CD, 6) all other PSY & CD minors. REMEMBER if a course is asynchronous there really isn't a first day so hang tight and wait to see if you are contacted by the end of the first week. If you do not get a return email assume the instructor will not be letting crashers in due to max enrollment.
  • Important: We ask that if you currently have the courses you need that you do not try to swap out courses. We want to make sure that students who need courses are prioritized. 

Update on Credit/No Credit grading

The PSYCD faculty are currently waiting for guidance from the College of Liberal Arts on the number of units we will allow students to take in their major for CR/NC. We will have more information next week. In the meantime the Cal Poly Advising emailed the following information to students about CR/NC:

  • Students have until the last day of classes (Friday, June 5) to change their grading basis to CR/NC from letter grade or vice versa.
  • None of the CR/NC units students take during Spring 2020 will count toward the 16 unit limit.
  • There will be no limit in the number of units you can take CR/NC during Spring 2020.
  • The condition that a student need to have a 2.00 GPA in order to take CR/NC will not apply in Spring 2020.
  • Students will be able to take more than 4 units of GE courses in CR/NC in Spring 2020.
  • The number of CR/NC units students can take in their major/support courses will be determined by their individual departments (PSYCD TBA). We will inform you after the first week of classes how many major/support courses you can take CR/NC during Spring 2020. Since you have until the last day of classes to change your grading basis for any class, please wait to hear from us before you make any changes to any of your classes' grading basis.
  • If you will change any class to CR/NC, you are highly encouraged to check with your advisor.
  • If you're taking a class for grade forgiveness, you should not enroll in it using CR/NC.

Important Information about Dropping a Class

Do not assume you have been dropped from a class just because you did not log on to Canvas. Be sure to check your final schedule to make sure you have properly been dropped from your class.               

PSY323 Helping Relationships Important Information!

The Helping Relationships class (PSY323) needs volunteers to be virtual helpees! Pay it forward...being a helpee is a great way to see what is involved in the class before you take it. Or pay it back...if you took Helping you know how important helpees are to the class experience.

To learn more about how you can be a Helpee and what this will look like online, watch Kendra William's PSY323 Recruitment Video. Use the online sign up google form to be a volunteer. THANKS!

Field Internship Canvas Site is Up!

If you are registered for PSY/CD 453 or 454 you should have received an invitation to join the Canvas site titled PSY-454-22-2204 Supervised Field Work II. Please ACCEPT this invitation. ALL students registered for PSY/CD 453 or 454 will use this one Canvas site this quarter.  Your faculty supervisor (i.e. the faculty you are registered under), will be assigning you the modules you need to complete to receive credit for your internship. NOTE: If you will have the option to interact virtually with you internship site, this will count in part or fully for your internship hours. 

If you are registered for a Research Internship your faculty supervisor will be in touch with you directly on their requirements for Spring quarter.

A NOTE ABOUT FALL INTERNSHIPS. We will be posting information about the mandatory meeting for Fall internship in next week's Weekly Announcements

Update on Summer Course Offerings.  

Cal Poly has announced that courses will continue to be online this summer. We will be updated the Tentative Course Offerings link as we know more about which of our summer courses we will be able to offer online.

Will my PSY & CD course be Asynchronous or Synchronous?

On the Spring quarter column of the Tentative Course Offerings page you can see if a PSY or CD course will be Asynchronous (A) or Synchronous (S). Asynchronous means that you will be able to access course material at anytime during the week. Synchronous means you will be expected to log on to the class at the currently scheduled day and time (although it might not be for the full class time). Note that Asynchronous courses might include occasional synchronous  discussion time online. Course instructors will provide additional information specific to their course and expectations for engaging online.

    I'm worried I won't have the technology and WIFI I need. What do I do?

    It will be helpful if you have regular internet access this quarter. A number of phone and internet companies are providing free access so call your provider.  It will also be helpful to have access to a computer, but in most cases you should be able to access content on a smart device (e.g., iPad, tablet, phone). If you need any help with technology send an email to

    Cal Poly Information Technology Services is offering access to certain software previously only available in on-campus computer labs. Learn more about Virtual Computer Lab.

    For more information about Cal Poly's Academic Plans this quarter check out Cal Poly's Coronavirus Information: Classes and Programs link.

    Where can I learn about Student Care Resources?

    Cal Poly provides updates resources available to students during Spring quarter on their Coronavirus Information: Student Care Resources site. 

    If you are concerned about meeting your basic needs, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at for support. You can learn about our basic needs services at CP Basic Needs Initiative.

    My instructor is using Canvas instead of PolyLearn. How do I use it?

    Cal Poly has created Canvas Guides for Students.

    Will there be Study Abroad this Summer?

    Cal Poly International programs scheduled this summer have been canceled. 

    Visit Cal Poly's Study Abroad website to stay updated on whether programs will be available next year.

    Will there be graduation activities?

    Sadly, Spring commencement has been canceled. For more information on Cal Poly's commencement plans visit the Commencement website.

    We also had to cancel our Graduation Celebration at the Madonna Inn. The department is working to find creative ways to celebrate together sometime this quarter. Stay tuned.

      Career Services Events You Don't Want to Miss!

      NEW! Career Services is offering a virtual live five-week series every Tuesday April 14- May 12 from 11am -12pm designed to give you a look inside four career fields. Each week will feature a liberal arts alumnus from a different industry. This is a great opportunity to learn how to leverage your liberal arts degree. Read the alumni bios. The first speaker is a Psychology alumnus! To join, simply click the zoom link

      Summer Internship and/or Lab Manager positions

      We will continue to post opportunities that come our way. We encourage you to reach out directly to the hiring institution to learn more about how they plan to proceed during these uncertain times.

      NEW! Stanford  SPARQ is looking to hire a Lab Manager to join their team this summer. Please email the current lab manager Rachel Song ( for details.

      Updated Regularly! The Cognitive Development Society website lists many job opportunities!

      Some New Initiatives Cal Poly is Offering for Spring Quarter

      • Career Services plans to host its first-ever virtual Spring Career Fair with virtual interviews with employers. In addition, they will have virtual career counseling office hours and drop-in advising.
      • The Recreation Center will have pre-recorded video fitness classes and virtual personal training available.
      •  Disability Resource CenterEOP and Cal Poly Scholars will have virtual advising and workshops available in spring for their students.
      •  Counseling and SAFER advocates are available through confidential telephone and Zoom consultations.
      •   Social Change Leadership Series courses will continue to be offered online.

      Need someone to talk to?

      The SLO Counseling Service at Cal Poly offers short-term counseling and consultation.  For 2020 Spring and Summer quarters, sessions will be conducted by phone or computer.  Please call 805.756.1532 for an appointment.




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